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The Indie Index - Interview with Cy Dethan

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Who are you and if you were to have any super power what would it be, and why? I'm Cy Dethan - writer of comics, freelance nihilist and recovering professional magician. As for picking a superpower (assuming that immortality and total invulnerability to all forms of physical harm are off the table), in order of preference: 1) The Midnighter's ability to analyse and predict the outcome of any situation. 2) Karnak's ability to find the flaw in any object, concept or strategy. 3) Uh... something awesome with lasers, I guess?Or Satanic Sex Powers, maybe. Either's good.   Your first break was with Starship Troopers in 2006, how did that  come about? Arse-backwards. I was playtesting a miniatures wargame for Mongoose Publishing, based on the Roughnecks TV show (a spin-off from Starship Troopers). The company, as it turned out, also had the licence to produce Troopers comics, so I threw in...
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