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The Indie Index - Interview with Stephanie Cannon

The Indie Index has interviewed a handful of creators and we're looking to interview as many female comic creators as possible. People started recommending extremely talented female creators by the masses. Here's an interview with Stephanie Cannon. Enjoy! Introduce yourself.   Hi! I'm Stephanie Cannon, a comic writer and creator from California. I was a finalist in the Ghost City Comics Competition in 2017 for my one page comic, Boot Hill, and currently have a few projects that will be released this year.   What are you currently working on? I've got quite a few projects going on right now, which I love. My biggest project is my graphic novel, Bandera. It's currently in the art and lettering stage, and will be completed this year. I'm also involved in five different anthologies currently. There are a few I can't quite talk about right now, but I'm going to have a...
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