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Fallen Idols: "How to advertise where it's not allowed".

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So a week has past, time for another blog. I'm not sure how long i'll be posting weekly... we can only find out together. this weeks blog includes: -Weekly update on the comic im working on -A story about a crazy idea I had on how to advertise on a facebook group which doesn't allow advertising. -The continuation of 'how to make a comic book' STEP 2 BUSINESS PLAN. WEEKLY UPDATE: Here's the update on the page I was working on: As you can see it's almost finished now, hit a small writers block with one of the panels but I've decided im going to move past that and come back to it later on which is something I'll do if something becomes to problematic. HOW TO ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK GROUPS THAT DON'T ALLOW IT: A friend of mine suggested I could talk about something in particuliar for this week...
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