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The Indie Index - Interview with Chris Gooch

The Indie Index - Interview with Chris Gooch
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Hey there, loyal readers! I'm deeply sorry that The Indie Index has been quiet for the past month. Christmas, holidays, work and all of the other usual things got in the way of publishing more pieces for you to read. Never fear though, we're back with an interview with none other than, Chris Gooch! Please introduce yourself to the readers who may not know who you are yet. Hello, my name is Chris Gooch and I live in Melbourne and spend most of my life drawing and writing comics.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?  Movies are my favourite thing so they’re probably the biggest influence on my work - particularly when it comes to pacing, framing and story structure. My favourite films in the past couple of years have been ones that fall apart as they go on, sort of collapsing under the weight of all the great...
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