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The Indie Index - Interview with Campbell Whyte

For those who aren’t aware of you or your work, please introduce yourself. My name is Campbell Whyte, I'm a Perth [ Australia -- Mike ] based comics maker. I've been making work for a long time, small mini-comics, card games, picture books, exhibitions and all kinds of other things. Home Time is my first, large scale comics work. When I'm not making comics, I work at the Western Australian Museum where I develop visitor engagement activities. I also run the children's art school Milktooth with my wife Elizabeth Marruffo where I teach comics making. My work is often about the intersection between personal memory, popular culture and place based history. I try to make works that are fun, playful and ask a lot of the reader.   You’ve had solo and group art exhibitions all over the world and received various grants and awards. In your artistic career, thus...
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