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The Indie Index - Interview with Bruno Oliveira

The Indie Index - Interview with Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira is a professional comic book artist from Brazil. Having worked for several publishers like IDW (Drones), Arcana, Oliveira has most recently donework for Marvel (Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Gwenpool Holiday Special, Mosaic). Bruno has been trying to find the right time to do this story for a long time. A story about working as a comic book artist and juggling all the important things in life...in an entertaining way. It's a realisation of how an artist's tragedies are only tragedies until he writes them down, and suddenly they're funny! It's Bruno Oliveira reduced to 64-pages!  What Now, Bruno? is currently on Kickstarter, what made you decide on using crowdfunding to make this project come to life? It's mostly because you can get a better understanding of your audience, you can get in touch with them and build a sort of relationship during the time of the campaign (and hopefully after as...
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Theodore Raymond Riddle
Bruno Oliveira is providing to the Indy Community a great service with these incredible interviews. Not only is he giving the fans... Read More
Friday, 19 January 2018 22:07
Theodore Raymond Riddle
I apologize Indy Index is the people that do the interviews about Bruno OLiveira's great work. Thanks to them both. Regards, Theod... Read More
Friday, 19 January 2018 22:11
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