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The Indie Index - Interview with Alex Maday

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Kaiju Gods looks to be one heck of a comic book anthology. The anthology includes the work of creators who are quite prominent within the indie comics industry. It really is a who's who of indie creators in Kaiju Gods - sadly, I think my invite to write a story was lost in transit - and the work that has gone into the anthology is astounding. Anyway, I was strong-armed by A. Shay Hahn into interviewing Alex Maday, so what choice did I really have?  Hey Alex! First things first, for those who may not know you, tell us about yourself. My name's Alex Maday and I write comics including Mongrel City Rumble which I share with artist Charity Buhain.    You’ve spearheaded the organisation of a comic book anthology called ‘Kaiju Gods’, how did the idea come about? I've always wanted to make an anthology but never had a...
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