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Writer of best selling comic books and award winning commercials, Larry's work has also appeared in numerous magazines and websites world wide. He resides in upstate NY with his wife, five kids, a dog, a cat, a bunny and a fish. He has achieved a state of total ignority in his house.  

Don Heck - A Tribute

Don Heck - A Tribute
I grew up in a small town, and while not quite as small as the fictional “Mayberry” of Andy Griffith fame… one of the main hangouts of my dad and his pals was the Barber Shop. It was called “Harry’s”, and if not for a small wicker basket tucked into a corner, it would have been the last place in the world I’d have liked to hang out. Now don’t get me wrong, my father and his cronies did have some funny stories to tell about glory days, but you can only get a kick out of them so many times before you’re relegated to a polite smile. Though that corner was polluted with age old hair clippings never swept up… it was my salvation. The wicker basket had all sorts of literature inside. Time, Look, Life, years old local papers, and the like. Nothing for a curious little boy...
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