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Ancient Egyptian Hawkman

  When Hawkman debuted in the pages of Flash Comics in 1939 we were introduced to Carter Hall, a man who was the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu. There have been countless additions to his story over the 79 years of his existence in comics, cartoons and live action television, but the idea that he was once a member of the ancient Egyptian royal elite has been kept relatively intact for much of his life on the page. But was any of this origin in any way drawn from real life? Is there any fact in the fiction? Like Carter Hall I'm a self-studied "armchair Egyptologist" so when it came to writing about Hawkman for Hawkman Day on November 10th, using ancient Egypt as my topic was a no-brainer. For anyone not familiar the origin begins with Carter Hall receiving a strange gift that sets him on his...
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Nate Silver
A point to clarify: the 19th Dynasty is part of the New Kingdom and the text confusingly suggested Rameses II was king during the ... Read More
Saturday, 10 November 2018 21:47
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