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GOTG Telltale Series Review

Resident teen blogger IzzyLFC is back to run the rule over the GOTG Telltale Series on PS4!


After their massive hit with DC’s Batman Telltale series, the unique game creating incorporation decided to go with Marvel’s GOTG to create a fun and enjoyable 5-episode game series!




The Guardians of the Galaxy are called back into action after Thanos has caused chaos killing dozens of Nova Corps officers. After defeating him they encounter an artifact with immense power, similar to an infinity gem. They must guard the artifact and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The Guardians are at it once again in a new adventure!


  • Character backgrounds are detailed and unique
  • Good variety of important decisions
  • Fun and enjoyable storyline



  • Movement and flying is poor
  • Graphics can be improved
  • Bugs and glitches need fixing

My rating & review


Telltale games took a lighter touch with Guardians of the Galaxy after Batman. It was fun, enjoyable and even intense at times. Cliff hangers left us always excited for the next episode and character backgrounds gave us insights into their personalities.


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