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Fallen Idols “Where’s Waldo the Assassin?”

The last post got delayed about a week so I thought hold off rather than post within 2 days of eachother.

This weeks content:
-Work in progress, “playing a game with the audience”
-Podcast! want us to talk about your book?
-how to write a comic part 4 “how does do panels?”

WORK IN PROGRESS “Playing a game with the audience”:

So I’ve finished the building which mentioned last post and here it is:

I’d have liked to have spent more time in it’s design but eventually you just gotta move on… maybe if i need something new I’ll give it a renovation.
For me double panels always take a long time to make, some things I meant to add in like other pedestrians, rubbish and debris like barrels and crates just to make the place more lived in… I will probbably put that in during the editing process, let me know what you guys think.

So Im now currently on page 5, the writing side of it is done but no real art to show for it yet maybe in my next blog post.
I can talk a bit about it though but may have a mild spoiler, so be warned.
One of my characters is an assassin who’s has a skillset in disguise, but as a quirk he will often have one tiny piece of his standard attire (which usually something blue) amongst his choice of disguise. it’s represents a slight sadistic taunt of his personality to give his targets a chance… but also it’s a way for me as a writer to let the audience play a game where he will be in disguise on one page only to be revealed in the next.  I touched on this in the first issue but in the second issue it’s going to be used more frequently since he is now more of a protagonist than just a supporting character.

PODCAST: want us to talk about your book?

So a friend and I are going to start a podcast series, In it we will be talking about writing and story telling but knowing our conversations we could end up talking about anything really.
One of the set goals is we want to help outher amateur writers/artists who have recently published something and like some free publicity where we will talk about the book you published.
We mostly want to help out those who are new and still trying to find their feet in the business, so if your living entirely off your own profits of your art then you don’t need any help from us.
if you would like us to talk about your Novel, comic, Game, Youtube channel… Tell me about it in the comments below, give a link if you can (i assume that works) and my friend and i will try and fit it into the podcast.
There is no garrenttee we will be able to fit everyone in the first episode, It all really depends how many poeple submit content.

-HOW TO MAKE A COMIC PART 5 “How does do panels?”

So when i started out I didn’t really have a system for panels until about page 4 or 5 in my first book, then I went over the previous pages and fixed them because they looked horrible and near nonexistant.

now they look like this:

You may notice that alot of my panels are white while this one is black, there is a reason behind this madness as i was using the black panels as a way to foreshadow future events which becomes more apparent as your read the story, I choose this page because it the best to show the old system with the new system. I keep the panel borders (or as i call them frames) in a folder system so i can just quickly grab which ever ones i need and make a new page with them, this makes things a lot easier and makes things a lot neater too which I highly recommend.
Some choices you’ll need to decide is are you going to have characters jumping out of your panel, this can look really cool but may not work with this method im using (not that im saying you shouldn’t try anyway).
other choices you’ll need to make is what color will the frames be, will they have an outline, how thick will the outline be? because largely your going to want to be consistant.
the choice you make with your frames will have an effect if you try to upload your comic book onto amazon.com they have a Kindle comic creator program which allows you to put a zoom slideshow feature on it. I’ve did this and my comic is now uploaded to amazon using this feature but making it was very time consuming, it has a feature where it can auto detect panels in your comic to save time… but for whatever reason I wouldn’t auto detect mine, possibly because it needs a complete transparent background between each panel, I’m not sure. It might pay to experiment trying to upload a single page onto amazon if your planning to just to see their process.

Overall Im happy with my panels, sometimes they can be a bit bland and dull and possibly a little on the thick side but they work for me. One regret though is I think I should remove the outlines as the size tends to get shunted and becomes uneven with the others. Let me know how you do your panels in the comments below.

That will do for this week, I’ve decided to start making these updates fortnightly so I’ll actually have more chance to have more content to talk about with each post.

Oh before I go, the first issue of my comic is having a promotional sale of half price for anyone interested which can be downloaded HERE:

Alturnitively you can pre order it on amazon if you have a kindle or app with the panel slideshow feature, it’s also higher quality which can be found HERE:

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