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Fallen Idols: “How to advertise where it’s not allowed”.

So a week has past, time for another blog. I’m not sure how long i’ll be posting weekly… we can only find out together.

this weeks blog includes:
-Weekly update on the comic im working on
-A story about a crazy idea I had on how to advertise on a facebook group which doesn’t allow advertising.
-The continuation of ‘how to make a comic book’ STEP 2 BUSINESS PLAN.

Here’s the update on the page I was working on:

As you can see it’s almost finished now, hit a small writers block with one of the panels but I’ve decided im going to move past that and come back to it later on which is something I’ll do if something becomes to problematic.

A friend of mine suggested I could talk about something in particuliar for this week (who also has his own blog on minitature painting which is doing very well)

check it out here:

So anyway I’ve been joining alot of facebook groups with the soul purpose to advertise on them, I’ll admit it im a flithy hawker. That said, I’ve tried to go about it in the nicest way possible by checking with the admin that it’s okay to post if I can’t find any rules that says otherwise.
Now some Facebook groups don’t allow advertisements, which is fair until it gets weird, like I would have thought a Facebook group about comic book advertisements it would have been okay to advertise on… consider myself enlightened.
I’ll tell what all facebook groups not only tolerate but highly appricate though: group activities.
And a few weeks ago I tried something which I considered was a brilliant idea or a very stupid one, Im still on the fence which one it was in hindsight, I’ll let you decide.

So I posted this message on one of the Facebook groups I’m on:

“Hey all, since we like doing group activities, I thought i’d try a little experiment…
I’m working on my comic book and currently designing a lot of background characters, and I’ve seen this done once before so I thought I’d try this: (that was a complete lie btw)
Everyone give me one single detail of description for a character, only post once.
it also cannot contradict anything said by anyone before you. for instance if one says male, the other cannot say female. If one says short, the other cannot say tall.
The description can be anything about their build, body, clothes, equipment. try and keep it clean though
at the end of the day i’ll make a list of all descriptions and then i’ll draw them to be a minor character in the comic which should be done by the end of the week and show you the results.”
To help you think, this character will be a “mercenary”

well… boy did they commit to it… here’s how it played out and everything they listed:

-Dimpled chin
-Heterochromia, left eye hazel, right eye green. (i started on this one first, they loved so much this is where things exploded)
-10 year old
-Shimmery skin
-Female (these are all in order by the way)
-shadows – she can walk in and out of any shadow.
– she is of the fast-lived gnome race (so she is a full grown mercenary at ten years old (this was particuliarly amusing to me since i didn’t have gnomes in my comic book.)
-camouflage with a big Rambo Bowie knife
-Long braids
-Wears a Sailor Moon outfit and walks with a limp. (then the same guy added) Has a perpetual ringing in her ears. (to which i asked how does one draw that, finally he posted the one i actually went with) Loves to eat licorice.
-Scar.. On forearm that looks like a snake crawling along the arm
-Ties her braids with live worms (while im not sure if they were taking the piss out of this, i went with it anyway… but i’ll admit im not sure if this one is going to make it into the comic or not yet)
-Ghillie suit and an mk14 (to which i reminded them it was a fantasy medieval setting) and they changed it to a crossbow.
-Some sort of earpiece that wraps around the ear and allows you to hear even the smallest sounds from a certain distance away. OR you can hear what you focus on. (to which there was a small conversation to the design of this one)
-Cowl hood cloak, dark with gray trimming
-She has one of those leather-wrap bracelets on each wrist that when unwound, one is a rope and one is a whip.
-Her calf length boots have a built in sheath for a ceremonial dagger that bears the insignia on the handle of a long dead noble house. When that house was massacred, she was a baby, abandoned to die, but the gnomes found and raised her.
-Her camo clothing incorporates pieces of armour
-buckled silver cross belt for a sword (to which i had trouble seeing a dwarf/gnome wearing so i changed it for a place to keep her crossbow bolts.
-She wears a bronze torc (google it) And has a battle Saiga (also google it, then i reminded them it was medieval setting again but found out they were talking about a saiga (again google it) as a pet mount, they eventually settled on the torc)
-a golden band studded with gemstones (this one i’ll guiltly admit i forgot about and had to draw it in at the last second.)

So what was the objective here?  the idea was to advertise my comic book, without actually advertising the comic book. And I think it worked brillantly, every single member who took part in this little game now has a invested interest in this character, who coincidentally appears in my comic book.

A few of them got the book, another was asking for a link to my art portfolio and I ended up with perhaps the most detailed character I’d ever drawn before in my life.

So last we we spoke about conception… in hindsight I’m not sure if that was the right step as this one was technically what came first… but meh we’re talking about it here as im pretty sure this would be the steps taken by someone who wants to make a comic book.

So anyway… I’ve been wanting to make comic books and novels for a long time… I originally had a plan which was to get a stable job and then i could write stories after that.
It sounded good on paper… but for whatever reason that didn’t work out so well.
It wasn’t until about my 5th time in centerlink (thats a work placement program for anyone not living inside Australia) looking after a op shop, and I had made friends with this regular customer looking for cheap stuff to sell, and i developed a reputation as the go to guy to get cheap stuff because my objective was just to get it out of the shop at any price so donations wouldn’t stack up.
Anyways, at some point I showed him some paintings I had done the previous time i was in centerlink working at a art gallery which I got to spend the time painting.
he suggested i sell it on Etsy, to which when i checked out… i had noticed they allowed you to sell “digital downloaded copies”. It was at that exact moment when the thought occoured to me that i could just skip right past trying to get a publisher to by my books, and just go straight into being self published.
And I certainly had a lot of time on my hands in centerlink. and that’s where i got the idea to go into making comic books.

So the moral of this story is:
If you are planning to make a comic book… awesome.
But if your planning to sell that comicbook, your going to want to think about what your planning to do with it after it’s made… because it can get frustrating if your not prepared for it.

Skipping ahead briefly to when i had finished the comic book and was ready to upload, i had hit some road blocks i needed to find a way around.
-Your also going to need a way to ethier print it to which you’ll need to find ways to get this done, because it can be expensive. that said people have suggested cheaper ways of printing i’m going to be looking into soon (so you’ll know more when i do).
-The website etsy only allowed about 20mb of file space. to which I had to re convert my massive dpi comic a few times so it would fit. amazon has alot more, but they have a wierd program for it which i reccomend downloading and checking out before making your comic if your dead set on publishing there because the dimensions don’t fit my work propperly, but they have a cool panel zoom feature which im currently looking into more.
-Consider kickstarter, I think the more work you have to show for it the more likely you’ll get backing, this is something I’m considering starting soon so also more on that when I get to it.
-And consider marketing, this is something which im told should come first in writing stories.

The important thing to take away from this step is have a business plan of action if you want to make a career out of your hobby. It’s not all fun but is important.

I think that will do for this week, Last week i said this would be about story planning, which was technically true, but next week i’ll be talking about planning the actual story and not what to do with it.
stay tuned and feel free to comment below.


LINKFallen Idols issue 1

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