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Fallen Idols “Grand Designs of a protagonist building”

I almost didn’t make a post last week as I thought I might be cluttering up the website with blog posts. Obviously I changed my mind, but I’m thinking of making these posts fortnightly, let me know what you think.

This weeks content:

-work in progress, “Grand Designs of a protagonist building”
-“how to write a comic part 3: story planning

WORK IN PROGRESS “Grand Designs of a protagonist building”:
So onto page 4, had some distractions in the form of commissioned work to help a guy with his job application. but in the spare time I had managed to create this image: (still a work in progress, but definitely getting there)


This is a manner house which is going to feature a lot in the comic book, I had to decide very carefully how this was going to look as I’d be drawing this room a lot. it would need to house the important meetings, future fight scenes… the stories that these walls will eventually tell need to good foundations. I’m not sure if i’ll keep the skirting board since it’s a pain from different angles.
This room is just the lobby but at the moment only the ground floor has been fully designed, the lobby connects with the sitting lounge, dinning room and kitchen while the stairs lead to the floor above (the building will probably be about 3 stories, 4 including the watch tower)

I recently put a post on social media regarding designing the building asking for suggestions and ideas on what the building could have. I put a reference image of one of the rooms to give them an idea on what one of the rooms already looked like… big mistake.
The results were not what I was after as some people were more interested in commenting on the reference image I had used critiquing on everything wrong with it rather than suggesting things to add to it, telling me that about 50% of the furniture in the image shouldn’t exist to commenting on how much they hated the perspective I used. the most helpful comments were members who suggested research sites and links to books on amazon which while helpful wasn’t admittedly what I was after.
The closest comment was someone suggesting a vomit basin in the dining hall as it was considered a sign of wealth among the nobles, while we were closer on the right track on ideas I was after it’s not one which would I think I’ll put in as i don’t think anyone really wants to see that being used in the comic.

Anyway, if you have suggestions on things this room or even the building should have… let me know in the comments below.

So i mentioned this was going to be step for time time now… and here it is in all its glory.
admittedly it can be quite a complication thing to talk about.

I find 1 comic book page equals about 10 pages in a say a novel for the purpose of story progression. which books tend to be about 200-300 pgs
This means you’ll need to be able to move the story along the plot fairly quickly, but at the same time don’t be afraid to stop and appreciate whatever moment presents itself in the book.

This is what I did for my story:

-Since stories have a begining middle and end and i aim to have about 30 pages in each issue.. that meant i had 10 pages to setup the story objective, another 10 pages for the characters to deal with the objective and the last pages for the resolution and the aftermath.

-I used a piece of paper to plan out the story, drew boxs on it and listed in dot point what the basics were happening, for example (pg 1: ‘present day scene’ pg 2:’world exposition’ pg3:’introduces characters’)

-For the most part I had each page move onto the next step in the story, no page should be the characters just loitering and bantering with eachother. I let them do that while they travelled to X destination which served as world exposition while they talked about other characters, the world in general or recent events. when they are at the place they needed to be, they focused on whatever was at hand.

-Once I had enough direction to know what i was doing, i’d start writing more detailed dot points per panel on each pages what going listing: description, diaglog, perspective, and sometimes would even use a little sketch.
I did all this one single sheets of paper because I had free acess to paper. but i have moved onto putting it all into a excersize book which i think is alot more organised (just don’t loose it like I almost did.) Some pages I even conserved space by merging two pages together. the purpose wasn’t so i could make the job easier on myself, that was just a windfall. but i would use the excess space to provide opportunity for more content on something else, bigger panels with more detail. stuff like that. (planning panels will be a step i’ll explain later… maybe next one, I dont know, I’m just playing it by the ear right now)

-Once you feel that you have enough of the story figured out, your probbably safe to start working on your comic if you want to, I did. but it might help if you know what the future stories will be about if your doing multiple issues, I only had a rough idea when i started working on mine. (at the moment as i work on page four, I have a detailed script of the comic going up to page 30, and a rough idea in my head of what the next story will be with nothing actually written down as of yet)
-What else have I left out, i find having a pin board with the page notes stuck to it sitting beside you also helps… at the moment all i have on mine is the export process steps, but it can have sketches of ideas, characters, plans anything that you feel is important to what your currently working on most at the time.

So that should it for this week’s blog…
Next week I’m opptomistic that I’ll have page 4 done as I’ll have alot more time to work on it.

feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like me to continue doing these posts weekly (or if you’d think i should do them fortnightly perhaps) also feel free to suggest any ideas on what the manor house should have, you may just see them in the next post.


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