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Does The “Get Out” Movie Deserve The Oscar?

The movie “Get Out” is extremely creepy, and scary movies don’t usually succeed in scaring me. It was also not what I expected at all. At the beginning of the movie, the premise seems to be a white girl (Rose) taking her black boyfriend to meet her parents. Her boyfriend, Chris, is extremely worried about Rose’s parents accepting him since he is African American. As the movie goes on, Rose’s parents’ thoughts about Chris aren’t one of his main concerns. They seem to like him right away.


Chris notices that all of the servants at Rose’s household are black. This seems to be pretty racist and weird in today’s day and age. Chris overlooks it at first, but then it gets worse and worse. The black servants seem to be very happy with waiting on the white family. They even talk about how they love doing everything for the household.


Rose’s mother is a psychiatrist and her father is a neurosurgeon so it’s obvious they know a lot about the brain. Rose’s mother hypnotizes Chris not long after he gets to the house. He didn’t ask for this hypnotism. She ends up making Chris cry and he was not happy with her mother doing this to him.





The truth about this family’s practices unravels slowly but surely. Chris thought his trip was just going to be a meet the parents scenario, but it turned out so much crazier than that. The last scary movie that I enjoyed before this was at least 10 years ago. This movie was REALLY creepy and had a wonderful sequence of events. It definitely is an Oscar-worthy movie.


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