A Look Back at “Hell In A Cell”

We kick off Geek Genie’s new WWE section with a look back at the recent “Hell In A Cell” event!


Overall, Smackdown’s pay per view was good with a few ups and downs.



The New Day vs The Usos WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Usually with Tag matches, I don’t watch them, I don’t find them exciting. The tend to be over-hyped. But this is one of a handful of tag matches I have enjoyed. It was non-stop action and there were many shocking moments in the match too.

My prediction: The New Day retain their titles

Result: The Usos won their second Smackdown Tag Championships


AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger U.S Title


This match had 3 great superstars who I thought all deserved the title, over this month the 3 have been feuding with each other. The match was set to be AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin, though on Smackdown Live the week before, Tye picked up a victory over Corbin. He was then added to the match. In the ending moments, Styles hit the phenomenal forearm on Dillinger, however Corbin pushed Styles out of the ring to steal the win, and the U.S Title.

My predictionAJ Styles retains his U.S Title

Result: Baron Corbin was crowned as the new U.S Champion


Charlotte Flair vs Natalya Smackdown Women’s Championship


This was surprisingly a very good match, with both women fighting it out for the title. Natalya dominated the first part of the match, although Charlotte Flair came back quickly taking out Natalya. With Charlotte diving from the top rope, with an amazing moonsault, Natalya picked up a chair and slammed it on Charlotte causing a DQ.

My prediction: Charlotte Flair wins the Women’s Championship

Result: Charlotte Flair wins the match by DQ Natalya keeps the title


Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship


I thought it was a HELL IN A CELL MATCH! Anyway, this match was still really good. Shinsuke did well, Mahal did well, this time the Singh Brothers actually got ejected for once, however while the ref was ejecting them Shinsuke hit the Kinshasa, though the Singh Brothers still distracted him for a while, just for Jinder to get a hand to the rope. Jinder hit his slam move, to win the match.

My prediction: Jinder retains the title

Result: Jinder retains the title


Randy Orton vs Rusev


I didn’t even bother about this match, Randy deserves a bigger match (I’m not saying Rusev is bad, he’s a very good competitor, I’m just saying right now he is a jobber). So the match was pretty good. In the end, Rusev attempted the accolade, however Orton scrambled through to hit a face first RKO, to win the match.

My prediction: Randy Orton wins.

Result: Randy Orton wins via pinfall.


Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler


What a match. This was definitely one of the best matches of the night, both Roode and Ziggler did very well. The match was packed with action, as the no -hyped matched, hyped the crowd more than any other match before it. In the end a sequence of rollups lead to Roode picking up the win. Though straight after Ziggler zig-zagged him, which I found extremely funny!

My prediction: Didn’t even know it was on the match card. Although I knew Roode would win.

Result: Bobby Roode is victorious.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens



Probably the best Hell in a Cell match I’ve seen in the past years, both in the ring and outside it. But boy what a match!! Both men dominated through the match. In the final moments, Kevin was pushed off the Cell right through the announce table! (Nothing like Foley’s though).


Shane once again climbed the Cell, did his prayer, and that’s what tells us he’s jumping. Jumping from 20 feet, he missed. AGAIN.


Although Kevin didn’t dodge the elbow like Taker did at WM 32, it was Sami Zayn! His arch rival had pulled him away from the announce table. Sami then put Kevin over Shane, for Kevin to pick up the win, (and for poor Shane to lose another match).

Overall, this was an exceptional pay-per view with the last match being, spectacular!

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WWE – A Weekly Re-cap

This is a very short review on the highlights of last week’s amazing week in WWE.




The Miz and Roman Reigns have been feuding ever since the night after No Mercy. Roman came out to confront him, during some kind of Miz TV with the MizTourage. The Miz says, ” It’s only a rumour”. Referring to the Shield reuniting, Roman replies by saying, ” Don’t you say anything about rumours”. At that moment the crowd went wild, as Dean’s music hit he stood side by side. Suddenly the other half of the Tag Team Championship, came out as the Shield reunited. Ganging up like they used to, on each side of the ring the Shield took out the MizTourage, and the Miz by planting him with the famous Triple powerbomb. No that is not the only thing that happened on Raw. The Main Event, the match we had all been waiting for, the Cruiserweight Championship… Why? That’s what I thought, he’ll just retain it’s not a pay-per view. Kalisto then planted, a Salida Del Sol, off the top. To win… Kalisto won on his first match. Good job, I think he deserved it, for not winning a title like ever (except Nxt Tag Titles), he was the Champion of the Cruiserweights. I guess we won’t be seeing the King of the Cruiserweights, if you know he got fired, or left whatever.





Basically Sami Zayn, the biggest babyface on Smackdown (except for Cena) turned heel, and became best buds with Kevin Owens again. It was quite a good promo, he explained it by saying, ”Smackdown was the land of opportunity, and Shane didn’t give me an opportunity”, which is true. Sami’s a wasted talent. They could do some good use with this Sami heel thing, and servant of Kevin Owens. Then there was the U.S Championship, which was very good, but led to Corbin retaining the title he won at HIAC. That about wraps it up for Smackdown (I don’t care if I didn’t say LIVE!)

So there you have it. I’ll be posting again soon so check back here at www.geek-genie.com for all things WWE!

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Welcome back to the latest Weekly Wiz from our resident WWE expert Deggy! As well as the usual run down of Raw, Smackdown Live, latest news and rumors we’re also taking a spooky look at the WWE’s Top 5 Scariest Moments of all time…just in time for Halloween! 



Stephanie McMahon Returns after Raw being Under Siege


A week after Raw being Under Siege, Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of Raw, returned since WrestleMania 33. She returned to Raw to confront the General Manager, Kurt Angle who had been running the show independently since the night after WrestleMania 33. Generally, Kurt had been doing well, until the Raws’ major event, ‘Under Siege’. Stephanie was extremely angry, as Kurt let Smackdown Live attack, without being ready. She then forced Kurt Angle to be the team captain of Monday Night Raw, at Survivor Series, to prove himself worthy of his job as General Manager. It wouldn’t be the first time Raws’ General Manager had been fired.

Rating: 2-

Nia Jax vs Bayley – Winner joins Women’s Survivor Series Match


The team captain of the Women’s Survivor Series, Alicia Fox was set to take on Bayley, but as she’s captain she obviously skipped the match but replaced herself, with Nia Jax. Nia took a short hiatus, Bayley tried her best, but couldn’t overcome Nia. Nia has now been added to the Survivor Series Match Card.

Prediction: Bayley wins by a roll up.

Result: Nia Jax makes a quick work of Bayley.

Rating: 3-


Samoa Joe Returns


the ring for a mere 2 month hiatus, from SummerSlam during his Fatal-4 Way. To be quite honest, I generally forgot about him, and also thought he left the WWE. After a short promo, he took on Apollo Crews w/Titus O’Neil. Joe took out Apollo Crews by making him tap to Cocina Clutch. A good return for the Destroyer.

The Miz vs Matt Hardy – Intercontinental Championship

Kurt Angle set the Miz to an Intercontinental Championship Defense, to an unknown opponent. The opponent was Matt Hardy, as Jeff Hardy is suffering from a neck injury, it has stopped him from fighting in Tag Matches, but that doesn’t mean he can’t compete in singles competition. Matt did exceptionally well, in the last moments, Matt hit the Twist of Fate, however he wisely rolled out of the ring, and out of nowhere, he hit the Skull-Crushing Finale, to retain.

Prediction: The Miz retains the title

Result: The Miz retains the title

Rating: 2+


Kane attacks Smackdown Live General Manger Daniel Bryan


came to apologize and to tell Kurt Angle he had nothing to do with the attacks. While Daniel Bryan was in Kurts’ office, the lights went out and a few minutes later, Daniel said something was wrong, and all of a sudden, a hand clenched into Daniel’s neck, and Kane slammed him onto the ground with a vicious chokeslam. He was then stretchered out.

Rating: I don’t think it deserves a rating, but I’ll give it a 3+


Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James


returned. Also at TLC, Mickie James took on Bliss for the title, but failed in doing so. Mickie got her rematch on Raw, which was very good. But no-one has yet to win the title against Alexa Bliss.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains her title

Result: Alexa Bliss survives once again

Rating: 2-


Braun Strowman returns to take out the trash



After being demolished by The Miz, Kane and the Bar, Braun Strowman was put into a garbage truck. Now 2 weeks later he has returned, to ‘take out the trash’. He came back and destroyed the Miz, and his goons, The MizTourage. They all got powerslammed, but Axel through a table.

Rating: 2+

Don’t go anywhere, we got Smackdown too!



Shane McMahon announces himself Team Captain of Smackdown Live



The night after Daniel Bryan, was attacked by Kane on Raw, Shane addressed Kurt Angle and the Raw Team, on how they would beat the hell out of them. Shane then revealed himself as Team Captain, like last year.


Rating: 2-


Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler – 2 out of 3 Falls Match Winner is added to the Survivor Series Team


These 2 have had 2 matches, at Hell in a Cell, and Backlash, now they end it. Roode dominated for the first half, then Ziggler came back, and pummeled Bobby Roode. In the end, Ziggler was about to get Roode, but he countered and hit the Glorious DDT, to win the series.

Prediction: Bobby Roode picks up the win

Result: Bobby Roode wins the 3 Match Series

Rating: 1-

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens – Winner represents Team Smackdown at Survivor Series


Smackdown. The week before, Randy Orton faced Owens’ best friend, Sami Zayn. Orton came out victorious, and also stopped Zayn from disrupting this match, by slamming him onto the table. Nakamura then hit the Kinshasa, to be added to the team.

Prediction: Kevin Owens is added to the team

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats KO

Rating: 2+

And for the Halloween Special…


5– Kane sets fire to Jim Ross



In his fantastic career, Kane used to be the evilest villain in the WWE, and world wrestling. Not just in the ring, but also with his devilish mind games, he’d get into your head. During an interview, Kane was unleashed. Setting fire to JR. Although, he still appeared on the announce table, to commentate, for the next few years.

4– Undertaker throws Mankind of Hell in a Cell


Now we all know this horrific moment, in the WWE. When people think of near-death experiences, Mick Foley had thought of that happening, tons of times, but that still didn’t stop him from doing mental things. Foley was already known for being a risk taker, Taker grabbed Foley 20 feet high, and pushed him off through the announce table. You think that’s bad, after several minutes, Mankind made his way up the cage once again, and then got Chokeslammed through the steel, onto the ring. No wonder he has no teeth.

3 – Bray Wyatt’s choir


If you’re looking for a horror moment in the WWE’s history, choose this. While John Cena, and obviously Bray Wyatt were feuding, Wyatt as he always does, he gets into your head, mind games. That is one of his strongest attributes, outside the ring. The strange, weird things of Bray Wyatt, went onto a whole different level. As the children softly sang, ”He’s got the whole world, in his hands.” It creeped the living hell out of me.

2 – Papa Shango curses the Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior was a huge Fan Favourite, he was one of the most loved superstars in the WWE. Papa Shango, the witch doctor of the WWE, was definitely one of the creepiest WWE Superstars, because of this moment. When Shango placed a ‘curse’ on Warrior, it lead to him falling of the ring apron, and screaming in agony, clutching his stomach. While Warrior was screaming, Papa Shango was dancing, and doing some spooky ritual, as Ultimate Warrior went backstage, the medical staff had to check him.

1 – The Unholy Wedding


In 1999, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon, and attempted to make her his bride. Stephanie was tied down to a cross, with Paul Bearer having the honour of officiating the unholy wedding. Big Show and Ken Shamrock, desperately tried to save the boss’ daughter, but failed in doing so. Just as Taker was ready, Stone Cold came out to save Stephanie buy taking out Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

Be sure to stay tuned, to more spooks and creeps, at www.geek-genie.com!

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One of the ‘Big Four’ PPV’s is coming up! Yes, the Royal Rumble is on its way! The road to WrestleMania is a fun and exciting ride and this year it’ll be double the fun with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Here’s the 10 picks we want to see return at the Royal Rumble.

10 – Rey Mysterio

Who didn’t like Rey Mysterio? One of the greatest cruiserweights of all time, could be making a comeback. Mysterio has been gone for around 4-5 years now, and has said himself, he is not done wrestling, and open to a call from the WWE. It’ll be amazing to see Rey Mysterio return.



9– Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz made a crowd popping return at WrestleMania 33, although Jeff Hardy has been injured for a few weeks, and while injured, Matt Hardy has been ‘Woken’. Jeff is scheduled to miss WrestleMania, but you never know in the WWE, it wouldn’t be as shocking as John Cena’s 2008 Royal Rumble return, but it would be a great return for Jeff Hardy.



8– Trish Stratus

With the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match this month, it’ll be obvious for the WWE to call a few legends back in business, for a one – off match. Maybe they won’t appear in the actual match, they might even just come to announce the match, or congratulate the winner of the first Women’s Royal Rumble.



7– Batista

Leaving the WWE 4 years ago to go to Hollywood, like many wrestlers, Batista has done pretty well in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 as Drax the Destroyer. Although it may be unlikely to happen, the crowd would be buzzing.


6 – Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan retired 2 years ago back in 2015, due to an injury. However, these past few months he’s been medically cleared to wrestle again. The Royal Rumble could be his chance to make a comeback to the WWE. As Smackdown General Manager, it’d be astonishing to see Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring, Shane has had many matches as Raw and Smackdown Commissioner and GM, who’s to say Daniel Bryan can’t wrestle as GM?


5 – Shawn Michaels

This prediction is one of the most unlikely returns, although if HBK returned to the ring for a one off, it would be worth the wait. It’s unlikely, but possible, Goldberg returned for a Universal Title reign, the Rock returned for a WWE Title reign, legends have done so, could this be Michaels’ time to shine once again?


4 – Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is one of the best indie superstars right now, he is currently signed to NJPW and is probably the best wrestler in NJPW. Years back, Kenny Omega was actually wrestling at the WWE, although he was another wasted talent, and eventually released Kenny Omega. Now, he is one of the biggest stars, of indie wrestling. We saw the Shield reunite, could we see the Bullet Club reunite?



3–  Connor McGregor

Connor McGregor has been negotiating quite a lot with Triple H and the WWE these past months, McGregor has been extremely successful in his time at UFC, the first person to hold both the Featherweight and Lightweight Championships. He is still working with UFC, at the moment he is taking a brief halt to his career, as his wife is pregnant, causing him to relinquish the titles. Rumours are telling us that McGregor vacated his titles to join the WWE. However, the chance is extremely low, but keep your eyes peeled, the Notorious could be working in the WWE, very soon.


2 – Ronda Rousey

One of the most tough and fearsome UFC Fighters of all time. Ronda Rousey had a 12-0 streak, until Holly Holms defeated her. Waiting months for a comeback, she made an appearance with the Rock, back at WrestleMania 31. Later in her UFC career, she followed another defeat, only less than 50 seconds by the reigning champion, Amanda Nunes. She has not been seen at the UFC since, and has consistently been coming to watch WWE Events. For years rumours have been circling, but now with the Women’s Royal Rumble, it’s hard not to say she won’t come.



1 – The Rock/CM Punk

The reason I did both, was because the Rock could introduce CM Punk. The Rock has been calling CM Punk, on numerous after-show promos. CM Punk has always been the person I’m waiting for. Although, maybe the Rock and CM Punk will come in at different numbers. Why I think there’s a 1% chance of him returning, is that his UFC career, has been rough and disappointing. The WWE is where Punk lives, if that did happen, I would literally scream and run out the house.



Well that’s all from me, stay tuned for more WWE News!

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Predictions

With WrestleMania right around the corner, there are still two very important PPV’s leading up to WrestleMania 34. Having the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match, Ronda Rousey’s WWE contract signing, the 1# Contender -ship Match to determine who will be facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and so much more! These few weeks aren’t just the Road to WrestleMania, but these are the foundations of the grandest stage of them all.

Ronda Rousey’s Contract Signing



Before we get into the actual matches, I’m starting with a very important and exciting part of the show. 1 month ago, Ronda Rousey made her debut appearance at the Royal Rumble. A few weeks ago, Kurt Angle confirmed Ronda Rousey will be signing her Raw contract, at the Elimination Chamber.

Prediction: As the contract gets signed, Stephanie and Ronda Rousey engage in a vicious brawl, setting up their WrestleMania 34 Match.

Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt


Since Matt Hardy has been ‘Woken’, he’s been in beef with Wyatt for weeks! They’ve clashed many times in the ring, and with a war of words. This rivalry has become a solid rivalry, which is set to end at WrestleMania. With Wyatt winning the last match, it’s probable that Matt Hardy picks up the win.

Prediction: Matt Hardy wins

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match



WWE have been pushing the Women’s

Division a lot. With the first Hell in a Cell Match, first Royal Rumble, first Money in the Bank and now the Elimination Chamber. 6 contestants, Alexa Bliss ©, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Mickie James. With all these contestants, Alexa Bliss has been champion for as long as she’s been in Raw. So, it’s very much likely that Alexa Bliss will retain, and head into WrestleMania Champion.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains her Women’s Title

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

Strowman, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, John Cena and Elias. That is what you call an exciting match, this was very hard to predict, as since last year’s WrestleMania, many rumours were speculating that Roman Reigns would take down the beast and become the Universal Champion at WrestleMania 34. But now with many more superstars that each have equal amounts of winning the match, who will win? So Elias and John Cena are probably going to have a match at WrestleMania, which I think would be terrible. (Although, he might fight Undertaker which I’m not going to talk about right now). So, the 2 favourites are Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Strowman has had too many chances, so…

Prediction: Roman Reigns wins, AGAIN

These are the current matches scheduled, many more will probably happen. Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay tuned right here! ‘Be true, be you’.

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There have been 33 WrestleMania’s and all of them had iconic moments. Whether it was the End of the Streak or Daniel Bryan’s unbelievable victory at WrestleMania 30, they were all unique in their own way. So, I’m going to be counting down the Top 7 WrestleMania moments of all time!

7.  The Boyhood Dream WrestleMania 12

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had so many matches that were all amazing. Shawn Michaels was having a tough year in the WWE and finally got a push to face Bret Hart. In the closing moments Michaels hit Hart with the Sweet Chin Music and as he was handed the title. He was once again a child with only a dream that had come true.

6.  Icon vs Icon WrestleMania 18

The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Without a doubt this is going to be a thrilling ride. Two legends from two different eras, the Toronto crowd were behind Hogan even though he was supposed to be the heel. They stuck with him throughout the match, even when he used heel moves. This was what WrestleMania is all about.

5.  The End of Ric Flair WrestleMania 24

Shawn Michaels took on the Nature Boy for his last match. Michaels looked up to the Nature Boy as a role model and proclaimed he was the greatest wrestler to ever live. As Michaels tuned up the band, both men with tears in their eyes, Michaels pinned the Nature Boy to create one of the most amazing moments in WWE.

4. ‘Rollins with the heist of the century’ WrestleMania 31


A brutal match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was already as intriguing as when Rollins cashed in. Rollins had been Mr. Money in the Bank for months and as both men fell to the ground, struggling to breathe, Seth Rollins’ theme song hit, and the crowd went wild in shock, not joy. As he ran in like a mad man, he cornered both men, taking out a tired beast first. Then Lesnar countered the Curbstomp and had him up his shoulders. Suddenly, Reigns speared Lesnar causing Rollins to break free and get the cover and become the WWE Champion.

3.  Hogan slams Andre WrestleMania 3


One of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history was when Hulk Hogan took out Andre the Giant. Andre the Giant weighed 600 pounds and for Hogan to carry him is enough but to slam him is another level.

2. YES! WrestleMania 30


Daniel Bryan was despised by the authority for all his career. He had two matches. One against Triple H, who he beat and one in a triple threat match. When Bryan locked Batista with the “Yes” lock, it was only a matter of time before Batista tapped. When he did, the crowd roared in joy as the underdog picked up an impossible victory.

1.  21 – 1 WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Championship wasn’t the only impossible thing. The Undertaker had a 21-0-win streak at WrestleMania. His opponent was indeed the Beast Incarnate. Undertaker was getting decimated when Lesnar picked up Taker for the third and what would prove to be, the last time and dropped him. As the bell rung, the crowd went silent in confusion and devastation. Brock Lesnar stood tall. A standing ovation was given to the Undertaker, as he left the stage. The streak was over…

Well there it is, thanks for reading! Be sure, to check out my regular blog here for all things WWE!

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WWE Weekly Wiz Review

Today I’m going to be giving you the good and the bad, in Geek Genie’s WWE Weekly WiZ. Raw, Smackdown, the weekly rumors, and the latest news and giving a rating from 1-5:

1. Amazing

2. Very Good

3. Good

2. Bad

1. Botched!


The Shield Reunite



As of last week, we saw the reunion of the Shield, this time it’s long term. Later that day, we then found out, they would be taking on The MizTourage and The Miz, with Braun Strowman. Now, onto this week, the Shield made their first entrance as a tag – trio, in their old shield attires, in their old shield entrance from the stands. Their promo, was just on them and hype, that’s what made it great!

Rating: 2+

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose © vs Cesaro and Sheamus


The tag team champions, were set to take on The Bar, for the tag team championships, while Reigns would be taking on the Monster among Men, Braun Strowman in a steel cage match. Ambrose and Rollins have held the titles since SummerSlam, at the Raw brand’s pay- per view, TLC, this Sunday, they will be battling it out with, the Bar, MizTourage, The Miz and Braun Strowman, while Ambrose and Rollins, have the Big Dog Roman Reigns.

Rating: 2-



Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman Steel Cage Match



It’s a Steel Cage match, well what do you expect, it’s going to do be brilliant, it was. In the Cage, both men collided, like 2 beasts unleashed. Strowman then destroyed Reigns like a ragdoll. After an amazing superplex from the cage, both men were out of it. All of a sudden, the fire raised, as Kane’s music hit. Coming from inside the ring, taking out Reigns with 2 chokeslams and a tombstone piledriver. We then found out, he was added to the TLC Match against the Shield.









Sami Zayn is now officially a heel




Smackdown Live opened, with the General Manger entering the ring, in his home town of Washington, while in the ring Daniel Bryan called out Zayn, to explain why he did what he did. Zayn replied by saying, he was trying to get his career back, then Zayn went overboard, and started saying how he’s still wrestling, while Daniel Bryan was forced to retire 2 years ago. ”I don’t care anymore, and it feels great.” were the words of Sami Zayn, talking about not being with the fans side. Zayn also said if he had chosen the way Kevin Owens went, and now where Sami went, he wouldn’t have to medically retire, and he said he’s ended up being a housewife. Then Kevin said Bryan was a hypocrite, for being just like the authority. Sami said he was a ‘Sellout”. In the end, the 2 heels asked where Bryan was going. He said, ”I’m going to find somebody to punch you in the mouth!”

Rating: 2+

Jinder Mahal calls out the Beast



Even though Survivor Series, is a month away, Smackdown Live, are already building the hype for their next pay- per view, (which also includes Raw) Survivor Series. They’ve already nearly got the Survivor Series Elimination Match sorted, with KO and Zayn. But this was different, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, stepped into the ring, as champion. As the promo went on, he said he wanted to issue the Beast, a Champion vs Champion Match, at Survivor Series. This has now set the stage, for the Main Event, of Survivor Series. Will Jinder prove to the world, he is the Modern – Day Maharaja, or will the Beast add another victim to his Suplex City List. Find out next month.

Rating: 3-


Has Neville actually departed?

Justin Barrasso has reported, that it is likely that Neville will leave, or maybe already has. Barrasso told us, Neville was extremely angry, when his WM 33 match was put into the pre-show. But worse than that, was the match wasn’t even shown on the official DVD. WWE is yet to confirm the departure of Neville, if he is still in WWE, he’ll be gone in a flash.



Will Jinder vs Lesnar actually take place?

It looks like it. It will obviously have some cheating, controversy as it is Jinder Mahal. Reports are saying that there is absolutely no point for Lesnar to lose at Survivor Series, as he has defeated such big names this year, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Goldberg. It’ll be cool to see how this match goes.

Join us back here at www.geek-genie.com for all the latest news on WWE!

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WWE Weekly Wiz Review

Geek Genie’s resident WWE expert Deggy runs the rule over WWE TLC. We’ll be recalling the aftermath of the Red brand’s show with RawSmackdown, plus rumors and all the latest news from the home of sports entertainment.



Asuka vs Emma

The Main Roster debut for Asuka, was certainly a good one, Emma surprisingly brought the fight to the undefeated former NXT Women’s Champion. The match kicked off the PPV, with a bang. Both diva’s deserved to win, but the debut of Asuka was her victory. After making Emma submit to the Asuka-Lock, she stood tall as her 195-0 streak, continues.

Prediction: Asuka wins on her debut

Result: Asuka defeats Emma to be victorious

Rating: 3-



AJ Styles vs Finn Balor

A dream match, come true. The 2 leaders of the Bullet Club, come head to head, the first time in a WWE ring. An action packed match full of excitement, the crowd were off their seats from start to end. The match was not supposed to happen, as the match was set to be Bray Wyatt as his Sister Abigail alter-ego, vs The Demon King as Finn Balor’s alter-ego. Bray was not able to compete due to a Viral –Infection, that also disabled Roman Reigns to be part of the 3 on 5 Match with the Shield. However, AJ Styles volunteered to take part in the match and replace Wyatt, while in South America on a Smackdown Live Tour. But honestly, most people were probably happier when they found out the news. The match was with both men dominating each other, the match ended with the Raw member, Finn Balor picking up the victory over the Phenomenal One, with a Coup De Grace, but what a match. In my point of view, I wanted Styles to win, but obviously Balor was meant to beat Wyatt, so he was going to beat Styles.

Prediction: AJ Styles defeats the Demon

Result: Finn Balor wins the dream match

Rating: 1

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle vs Kane, Braun Strowman, The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) and The Miz 3 on 5 Handicap Match TLC Match

Due to Roman Reigns being disabled from the first match of the returning Shield, Kurt Angle volunteered as Raw General Manager to take part for the first time in 11 years. Roman couldn’t compete as to a Viral Infection, that was spreading through the WWE, this also caused Wyatt not to compete. Now onto the match, the match was full of jaw dropping moments, and the match was even better with Kurt Angle, it’s true, it’s damn true. In the final moments of the match, the Miz’s team ganged up on their own team mate, Braun Strowman, the fight began with Kane destroying Strowman, but after that the whole team decided to do the same. Dean and Seth were getting flawed, with Kurt gone after being powerslammed by the Monster among Men, through a table. All of a sudden, Kurt’s music played as he hobbled to the ring taking out Cesaro and Sheamus with 2 Olympic, Angle Slams, while Sheamus went through the table, Cesaro got lucky staying on the ground, but it still must’ve hurt a lot. He then went into the ring for Rollins to hit the King’s Landing, then for Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds, and for the Gold Medalist to hit the Angle Slam, to decimate the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Although after the victory for the Shield, and Kurt Angle, they did the Shield Triple Powerbomb to make Miz have more of a rough night.

Prediction: Dean, Seth and Kurt Angle win the TLC Match

Result: Dean, Seth and Kurt Angle win the TLC Match

Rating: 2+

Don’t you guys go anywhere, that’s just WWE TLC, we still got Raw and Smavkdown, you can’t just leave when you figure out the aftermath of the ppv, and we got one of the Big Four PPV’s coming up, trust me this is leading to a huge battle in the WWE.





Following a promo on Smackdown Live the week before, Jinder told everyone that Smackdown has already been conquered, there is no one left on the roster, he later then challenged the beast himself for a Traditional Champion vs Champion Match at Survivor Series. The promo was basically Heyman talking about the usual, then at the end of the promo, Paul Heyman then accepted the challenge which makes the match official.

Rating: 3+

Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox- Winner is determined leader of Survivor Series 5 on 5

I just put this in, as it’s connected to Survivor Series. Alicia Fox won, the person who has been ‘missing’, has just become the new leader. I didn’t have time to watch this and quite frankly I didn’t want to watch it. So now Alicia Fox will lead the team against the other 5 Women from the blue brand, Smackdown Live.

Prediction: Bayley would be the leader going into Survivor Series

Result: Alicia Fox wins the match, to become the leader

Rating: 3-



Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles vs The Miz and Sheamus and Cesaro

After his match with Finn Balor, AJ Styles again competed in a Raw ring, with the Tag Team Champions, the 3 took on the Bar and The Miz, we are yet to see Roman Reigns. The match, was an unsurprisingly great match, well it is Dean, Seth and AJ. The match ended with Styles hitting the Phenomenal Forearm, to win the match.

Prediction: Dean, Seth and AJ Styles win the match

Result: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles win the Tag Match

Rating: 2+


Smackdown Live attack Raw

Wow. As Kurt Angle was seconds away from revealing the 5 members of the Survivor Series Match, Shane McMahon’s music went off. The commissioner of Smackdown was at a Raw Arena. He then called out the whole Smackdown roster, as they went onto the locker room, like a pack of wolves. They took out everyone, Dean, Seth and all the others. Smackdown Live had decimated the whole roster. Raw had no chance, they were under siege, leading to Survivor Series, the PPV where both brands go against each other, Raw had first blood, we’ll see the fight at Survivor Series.

Rating: 2+




Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Tamina vs Charlotte Flair vs Naomi- Winner is determined Captain of Survivor Series Match

No less than 24 hours, Alicia Fox became Captain for Raw, and now Becky Lynch is Captain for Smackdown. The match was quite good, with all women working their hardest to earn the right to be leader. Becky Lynch, came out as the victor.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair becomes Captain

Result: Becky Lynch wins the match to become Captain

Rating: 2-

Jinder Mahal responds to Brock Lesnar


Following the day before on Raw (read more above), Brock Lesnar accepted Mahal’s challenge, the Modern-Day Maharaja, respinded by trash talkig Brock, and the usual hell promo.

Rating: 3+


Randy Orton vs Sami Zayn-Winner is put into Survivor Series Match

While Sami Zayn has turned heel, his talking and promos have gone up like a balloon, his match performances are still spectacularly bad. The match’s final moments were when Kevin Owens ran to the ring, to distract the ref, but it only made it worse, as Orton low blowed Zayn, to hit a ferocious RKO, to win the match.

Prediction: Sami Zayn wins and gets added to the match

Result: Randy Orton prevails over Zayn, to be a part of the match

Rating: 2-

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