3 New Netflix Series to Watch out for in 2017

he Marvel Cinematic Universe will take Netflix viewers to previously unchartered territories. Geek Genie takes a look at what fans have in store for 2017.

It’s been a great 21st Century so far for fans of the superhero genre. Marvel and DC have taken their comic book war onto the silver screen. But many a skirmish has taken place on the small screen with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham going toe to toe with Agents of SHIElLD, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. 

As we get into the meat and bones of 2017, Marvel Studios is building on its relationship with Netflix to bring more of its characters to home audiences.

Iron Fist



Everybody was kung fu fighting! Well they will be in what will surely be a kick-ass introduction to the MCU for Marvel’s resident Kung Fu master, Danny Rand. Expect shoalin shenanigans mixed with Dr Strange mysticism in one of the years most eagerly anticipated series.


The Defenders


Move over The Avengers as Marvel Studios unleashes The Defenders onto the small screen. Daredevil will team up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to bring a more street level and grittier super team than its billionaire playboy financed cousins over in Avengers Tower. The chance to see Luke Cage a.k.a Power Man team up with Iron Fist will be worth the Netflix subscription fee itself.

The Punisher


No gun control legislation is going to stop Frank Castle from packing, racking and stacking an arsenal of firepower to wage his one man war on crime. Fresh from his huge popular stint in season 2 of Daredevil, Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal goes into solo action mode this year. Guns. guns, guns baby!


Iron Fist airs March 17, 2017

The Defenders TBA, 2017

The Punisher TBA, 2017

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The Top 10 Episodes of CW’s The Flash

With the recent release of the much anticipated season 4 kicking off, Geek Genie takes a look at the best 10 episodes of The Flash.

10. “Flash vs Arrow” S1E8


Flash vs Arrow may not have been the craziest episode ever but the 2nd part of the Crossover was a brilliant episode since it was the beginning of many crossovers to come. Action packed, full of great fighting scenes whilst also giving audiences a glimpse of the great friendship between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.


9. “Flash of Two Worlds” S2E2


The 2nd episode of my favourite season of The Flash, Jay Garrick acts as a mentor to the Flash teaching him the ways of the speedforce. This episode contains a scene that mirrors the iconic comic book cover from The Flash #123  as well as featuring the return of Harrison Wells…but not as we knew him!


8.”Enter Zoom” S2E5


The first meeting between Barry and Zoom, a demonic speedster from the parallel world known as “Earth 2”. Zoom shows his power and speed when humiliating the Flash in a fight. We learnt truly how dangerous Zoom could be.

7.”I know who you are” S3E20


The episode after Savitar’s identity is revealed to Killer Frost, and the episode Savitar’s identity is revealed. A fan theory coming true that Barry Allen of the future is revealed to be Savitar. Many hints such as “The future Flash” indicated the identity but overall it was a great way to leave us on the edge of our seats.


6.”Pilot” S1E1

The one that started it all, the origin story. An introduction to Barry Allen and Central city giving us the origin we read in the comics. It wasn’t an episode that had any cliffhangers or twists but how could I not include it?

5. “Infantino street” S3E21


The episode that season 3 was leading up to, we know that Savitar was Barry of the future, a time remnant. Barry tries his hardest to save Iris from her fate, however he fails leading to the death of Iris West…

4. “Flashpoint” S3E1


Flashpoint had us screaming at the end of season 2, we could not wait to see the new world that Barry Allen creates. Realising his mistake in saving his Mother he had to change the world back, however it was not the same as how he left it.

3. “Escape from Earth-2” S2E14

Similar to Flashpoint, we saw a parallel world where Barry was a geek, Iris a cop and Caitlin and Ronnie as Metahuman criminals. As the team tries to escape Earth-2 with prisoner Jesse Quick, Zoom hunts them down and kills Jay through the breach! Tragic!

2. “Fast Enough” S1E22


The finale of season 1 was brilliant and heartbreaking. An imprisoned Harrison Wells makes an agreement with Barry sending Harrison to his time, the 25th century and allowing Barry to save his Mother. Not foreseeing the consequences the season ends with a second particle accelerator explosion.

1.”The man in the yellow suit” S1E8




This Christmas special truly had it all, Barry’s greatest enemy returning, a spectacular showdown between the Flash and the reverse Flash, an appearance of Firestorm and the reveal of Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash.

In conclusion, there are many episodes that could not make my list such as Invincible, the Runaway Dinosaur and The Rogue episodes but I hope you have enjoyed reading my list, however did you agree with it?


Honorable Mentions

“Out of Time” S1E15, “King Shark” S2E16, “Rupture” S2E19, “The race of his life” S2E22, “Shade” S3E6.

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Batman Arkham – A Review of The Dark Knight’s Greatest Gaming Series

Batman is a huge character in the Comic book, Movie and action figure industry, he is an iconic figure that is universally recognized. The Batman Arkham games played a huge role in my childhood gaming sessions with my Brother. From crying at the joker’s death, celebrating when finally collecting that one last Riddler trophy and screaming at the sight of Mister Freeze following your every move. I am reviewing the brilliant quadrilogy in a trip of nostalgia, hopefully more games will come after Warner Bros read my article!

Batman Arkham Asylum – 2009





The Playstation essential that started it all. The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and has freed all inmates, it is Batman’s to get past villains like Quinn, Ivy and Bane to stop your arch-nemesis the joker. After escaping the wrath of your worst fears, the danger of mother nature and effects of venom you reach the Joker, and he is about to surprise him. Injecting himself with Dr Young’s “Titan formula” he becomes a monster. Batman has to stop him before the Joker terrorises Gotham!


Review and Rating:



Brilliant Story, nice variety of levels and great moments to remember. Killer Croc and Scarecrow missions keeping me alert and a number of different skills were needed for me to advance further in the masterpiece.

“A true classic” – 8/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham City – 2011




One of the greatest games ever to be made. After the events of Arkham Asylum, A new project launched by Hugo Strange has been created…Arkham City. A city for criminals who can roam around freely, obviously Batman is on the case. The Joker is revealed to be sick from the Titan drug, and he merges his blood with Batman’s. Batman is looking for the cure and has to encounter nearly all of his rogue’s gallery. The story ultimately ends in many twists but the unexpected death, and non-revival, legitimate death of the greatest villain of all…The Joker!


Review and Rating:



Perfect Story, Perfect villains and levels and probably the best single player Playstation game of all time. Twists, heartbreaks and many, many jump scares (Mr Freeze!!!).

“A Perfect Masterpiece” – 10/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Origins – 2013




The origin story of the Arkham series. Set in the first years of Bruce Wayne becoming the Batman, the black mask has hired 8 assassins to take down the Gotham vigilante for a bounty. Batman defeats each assassin one after another, he ends up confronting the Black mask who is revealed to be the Joker, a criminal Batman has never crossed paths with!


Review and Rating:




Fun game with fantastic graphics, challenging levels that put your skills to the test and a great plotline to start up the Arkham Universe.

“Great game in our generation” – 7/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Knight – 2015




The final installment of the memorable series. After the death of the crown price of crime himself, crime levels of Gotham decrease rapidly, however after Scarecrow releases the deadliest fear toxin yet, Gotham is forced to evacuate. Gotham city is left with criminals, metahumans, a mysterious figure going by the term “Arkham Knight” and the Batman to stop them. The story revolves around Batman finding his way to Scarecrow but keep finding this Arkham Knight character instead. After explaining his grudge, he is revealed to be Jason Todd, a former Robin. He ends up working with Batman as the Red hood (A character from the comics) to stop Scarecrow. In the end Bruce Wayne is revealed on live TV as the Batman and must activate the “Knightfall” protocol resulting in his demise, and the demise of the Dark knight.


Review and Rating:


Gripping storyline, best graphics at the time, new feature of accessorising the Batmobile and a great way to end the series.

“A near perfect way to end the Batman” – 9/10 – IzzyLFC

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The Top 10 Moments From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor Ragnarok is less than a month away! How exciting! I’m going to be looking at the top 10 MCU moments ever to hit the big screen…and by the way, no post-credit scenes will be included!


10. “The Hand” – Thor the Dark World



This scene was a true shocker and left us with our mouths wide open. It also showed the true brilliance of the character we all love to hate, Loki. After agreeing to work with Thor to face Malekith “The Accursed”, he supposedly betrays Thor by slicing his hand off. We are all screaming the word “typical” to Thor’s face and calling him gullible for trusting Loki the god of mischief, however what was to come was truly shocking. Loki reveals Thor’s hand was just hidden by his trickery and Thor summons Mjolnir just like that.

9. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!” – Doctor Strange



The scene we all remember from Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant performance as Doctor Strange. When Strange’s greatest foe makes a fantastic appearance, Stephen uses the powers of the time stone to basically annoy the hell out of Dormammu causing him to spare Earth in order to escape the eternal time loop. Memorable and hilarious.

8.”Is that the best you can do?” – Avengers Age of Ultron


A triumphant scene for the MCU, showcasing all the Avengers new and old destroying and dismantling Ultron bots around the Vibranium. It showed the true strength and teamwork of the Avengers ending with a typical statement by Thor…”Is that the best you can do”. Ultron responds with hundreds, if not thousands more Ultron bots.

7.”The Rainbow bridge” – Thor




Mixed feelings present for this moment occurring in one of the best MCU movies ever. Many things happen when Thor clashes with his mischievous brother Loki, and is forced to protect Earth by destroying the Bifrost. This causes Odin to wake from his sleep and attempt to save what’s rest of Loki. A sad ending with falling into the abyss…but that wasn’t the last we saw of him!

6.”We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy” – Guardians of The Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected blockbuster. Who would have thought that an 80’s space themed comedic action film would have been so charming? A central theme running through the MCU is the fate of the Infiniti Stones. Starlord and the Guardians risk it all by absorbing the Power Stone and destroy Ronan the accuser saving Xandar from destruction.

5.”Bucky?” – Captain America The Winter Soldier



In my opinion without doubt the greatest action film ever to be made. The second installment of Captain America was titled “The Winter Soldier” which sparked confusion within movie fans but pure excitement for comic book fans. A mysterious assassin to appears to have murdered Director of Shield Nick Fury. His mask is removed on the awesome battle of the highway and is revealed to be Cap’s best friend from his WWII days…Bucky! Steve Rodgers is shocked and caught off guard leading to his arrest at the hands of Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones.

4.”I am Iron Man” – Iron Man



The movie that launched the MCU. The origin story of how Tony Stark became Iron Man. This one scene describes billionaire Stark perfectly. Where most superheroes battle to keep their identity a secret, Stark’s (in)famous ego means that at a packed press conference he at first denies any involvement with Iron Man, but then stuns the world by declaring straight faced…”I am Iron Man”. And thus was born the MCU.

3.”I will bathe the star ways with your blood” – Guardians of the Galaxy


The first appearance in an actual movie for the big baddie of the NCU, Thanos!. He shows his true power by frightening the hell out of the feared Ronan. Thanos’ look is perfect and is plucked straight from the comic books. After dealing with Ronan like a naughty child, he leaves us with his signature bad boy grin!

2.”Avengers Assemble!” – The Avengers


Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrive by jet. Thor arrives with his magical hammer Mjolnir. The Hulk leaps his way to action. Finally, Iron man joins the team to face the Chitauri and the Levaiathons. The perfect scene for the Avengers to Aseemble!


1.”Underoos” – Captain America Civil War



One of my favourite MCU scenes! So much happens! Heroes go toe to toe in mortal battle. Marvel’s most iconic character makes his first ever appearance in the MCU…and it doesn’t disappoint! Spidey on Team Iron-Man against Cap’s Team…iconic!

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Thor Ragnarok Review

Our resident teen reviewer IzzyLFC gives his verdict on Marvel’s latest movie blockbuster, Thor RagnAron.


Thor Ragnarok is without doubt one of the greatest Marvel movies ever made. It was well balanced with action and humour. Director Taika Waititi creates an unexpected but definite masterpiece.



Thor is on a mission to prevent Ragnorak, the Asgardian apocoloypse alluded to in previous MCU movies such as Avengers 2. He confronts Surtur the fire giant of Musphelheim, who will play a key role at the end of the movei. Loki has taken over Asgard by impersonating Odin. Eventually the rival siblings find Odin only to realise that the All Father’s ancient reign over Asgard is at an end. They encounter Hela the goddess of death and are cast away while she threatens the existence of Asgard and its people. It is up to a team of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and The Hulk to save Asgard from its doom.




  • Perfect balance of action and humour
  • A gripping storyline, with lots of sub-plots and plenty of easter eggs!
  • Fantastic and lovable characters


  • Crucial characters missing, such as Lady Sif
  • Doctor Strange only had a small part
  • Thor’s new look! The long hair and hammer is gone!!



My Review & Rating:

For me, Thor Ragnarok was one of the greatest MCU movies of all time. It had two great villains in Hela and Surtur who is probably my favourite Thor villain ever! Loki was fantastic and as mischievous as ever. Korg, voiced by director Waititi himself has become an unexpected fan favourite with his hilarious dialogue. Overall there isn’t an MCU that can really top this one other than Captain America The Winter Soldier!

9/10 – One of the most enjoyable films ever to be made!

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(Your Home, Your Place to Shine!)

November 20th 2017, Malta


Wicked Comics are proud to announce that guests David LaufenteNeil GibsonJoanne M. HarrisAlessandro VittiDinos KapsalasJenika Ioffreda and David Morris as well as exhibitors Ayrton ZammitAudrienne DegiorgioStefan CiantarNaomi Montanaro DeliaFantasy ShowgirlsFurban Malti and William Calleja will be joining the previously announced guest and exhibitors amongst the highlights of Malta Comic Convention (MCC) 2017. The 9th edition of the Malta Comic Con (MCC) will be held on Saturday 2rd December (10am-6pm) and Sunday 3rd December (11am-7pm) 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

David Lafuente



David Lafuente is a Spanish comic book artist known for his work on books such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. He first broke into the US comic industry in 2008 drawing the sleeper hit miniseries Patsy Walker: Hellcat. Lafuente is currently working on a creator owned book written by Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol.

Neil Gibson

Neil Gibson is a bestselling comic book creator and screenwriter with a real passion for the medium. His mission is to get more people reading comics, and runs web courses teaching people how to make their own comics. While he is best known for his Twisted Dark series, he has also produced Twisted Light, Tortured life, Tabatha, Theatrics, Turncoat, The Traveller, Transdimensional, The Theory, and The World of Chub Chub.



Joanne M. Harris



Joanne Harris (MBE) was born in Barnsley in 1964, of a French mother and an English father. She studied Modern and Mediaeval Languages at Cambridge and was a teacher for fifteen years, during which time she published three novels, including Chocolat (1999), which was made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. Since then, she has written 15 more novels, two collections of short stories, a Dr Who novella, guest episodes for the game Zombies, Run and three cookbooks. Her books are now published in over 50 countries and have won a number of British and international awards. She is an honorary Fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, has honorary doctorates in literature from the universities of Sheffield and Huddersfield, and has been a judge for the Whitbread Prize, the Orange Prize, the Desmond Elliott Prize and the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science.



Alessandro Vitti



Born in Taranto, 1978, illustrator Alessandro Vitti has been working with major publishers in Italy, France and USA since 2007. His credits include Brendon, Saguaro (Sergio Bonelli), Captain America and Hawkeye, Avengers Arena, Secret Warriors, Doctor Voodoo (Marvel), Red Lanterns and Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A. (DC/Vertigo) and Ragazzo Invisibile (Panini Comics). He is currently working with writer Sina Grace on Iceman for Marvel Comics.


Dinos Kapsalas



Residing in Athens, Greek creator Dinos Kapsalas’ work consists of illustrations, artwork for bands, animation and comics. He collaborated with other artists publishing the comic anthology Crew of Awesome (2011) and Crew of Awesomeland (2012). Other recent work includes the animation of “To Peristrofo” for the Greek band Krotalias and the comic book Arcaded (2016) which is currently in the process of getting its first sequel.


Jenika Ioffreda



Jenika Ioffreda is the creator of “Vampire Free Style”, award nominated comic book series about a black cat in a world of magic, mysteries, vampires and witches. The series has sold over 5,000 copies in comic conventions over Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as a set dressing for “This Must Be The Place” movie. An extremely active presence in the European comic conventions circuit, Jenika is currently self publishing a new comic book series “Midnight Tea”: a ghost story set in 19th century.



David Morris



David is a penciller, an inker and a cover artist for Time Bomb Comics. Besides being a cover artist on Ragamuffins, he is working on the Flintlock series and the upcoming titles S.O.E Baker Street Irregulars and Foxglove. Other work includes Dee for Detective (Tripwire Magazine) and the Norton the Dragon strip which runs in the UK literature and arts magazine Lamp. David was also the co-producer of the Bristol International Comic Expo in the UK.



Ayrton Zammit



Aspiring artist Ayrton Zammit, is a 22 years old student at MCAST Institute of Creative Arts, currently on a three year course of B.A Hons in Game Art and Visual Design. He is currently challenging himself to learn more and improve his skills in pursuit of a career in the creative industry.


Audrienne Degiorgio


Audrienne Degiorgio is an industry concept artist, somewhat of a scholar and a long time exhibitor at Malta Comic Convention. She holds a MFA in Digital Arts, co-founded the late Pilot Comic Anthology with Fleur Sciortino and recently co-created the Facebook page Ghidha bil-Malti with her brother Reuben Degiorgio. She is currently working on personal projects while keeping her hands busy with new illustrations and paintings as often as possible.


Stefan Ciantar




Stefan Ciantar is a professional graphic designer who loves visiting comic conventions and creating new things. Through Art School he gained experience in creating art, comics and pottery. He specialises in coloured pencils however he is capable to use any technique, both digitally and conventional. Stefan is looking forward to exhibit his work for the first time at Malta Comic Con and discussing it with community.


Naomi Montanaro Delia




Naomi Montanaro Delia is an aspiring concept artist who enjoys working both traditionally and digitally and is mostly inspired by mythological creatures and outer space. She started drawing digitally three years ago when she first started studying at MCAST and is currently in her third year, studying Game Arts and Visual Design. This will be the first time that she will be exhibiting her works at Malta Comic Con.



Fantasy Showgirls



Fantasy Showgirls is a dance troupe that do dance shows with a difference. The teacher & choreographer Marianne Galea is also a model and a cosplayer and invents shows that vary from modern dancing to cabaret. Their shows are characterised by imagination & magic, include themed dance routines (example Disney, Star Wars, Halloween and Christmans), are family oriented and usually include mascots like Olaf from Frozen and Jack form The Nightmare before Christmas. They regularly perform shows on TV, in public places and do numerous shows for charity.


Furban Malti


Inspired by the stories of Maltese Corsairs, Furban Malti create and sell pirate themed urban apparel, t-shirts and original souvenirs.


William Calleja  


Comic Book artist and Illustrator William Calleja has worked in comics industry since 2015. He is credited for his work as a cover artist with Markosia Comics UK on Geek Girl, as a Letterer and Graphic Designer for Lion Comics and is the author of the original title, The Just Cause Society which was published this year.



Phase 3 Last Chance Saver tickets are now available online from the Malta Comic Con website (http://www.maltacomic-con.com/product-category/tickets) and offline from Pandora’s Box Collectables (Tarxien), Toy Town (Birkirkara) and RC World (Naxxar) at €12 for 1 day and €16 for 2 days.

Wicked Comics are also offering a number of travelling and accommodation packages for foreign fans who wish to join the Malta Comic Convention. Details can be found on the Malta Comic Con website through the following links:



Interested parties are kindly requested to send an email to Wicked Comics on (info@maltacomic-con.com).

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The Disaster Artist Movie Review – Should You See It?!

The Disaster Artist is definitely worth seeing. It’s actually worth seeing more than once (which is what I’m going to do because I loved it so much). I haven’t had this much fun in a movie since EVER!


James Franco is a spot-on Tommy Wiseau who plays the character Johnny in The Room and James is amazing when he recreates The Disaster Artist scenes from The Room. Because James Franco put in so much dedication to this role, he is a wonderful Tommy and a wonderful director for the movie in general. He even stayed in Tommy’s character when he was directing the movie!



That being said, I think in order to really enjoy this movie, you’ll have had to see The Room first. Trust me, you will enjoy it!!! I saw it for the first time a year ago and I have probably watched it at least 50 times now. Yes, it is an awful movie! But that is WHY it’s good. Tommy Wiseau is absolutely perfect in the movie because you just can’t turn away. James Franco really captures his essence in The Disaster Artist. And, he is now nominated for Golden Globes due to how amazing the movie is.

The Disaster Artist is mainly about the relationship between the two main actors in The Room: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. And because of this, it is so interesting. They are the weirdest pair of best friends you could imagine! Tommy is so much older than Greg (even though he won’t reveal his age or where he was born haha). This is why they’re weird best friends. This shows that any friendship can flourish regardless of pointless differences. If two people click, they click. It’s as simple as that.


Dave Franco plays Greg Sestero in The Disaster Artist.


His performance wasn’t amazing in my opinion, though. James Franco picked him to be Greg because he is his brother, and that is apparent.  Even so, the storyline makes up for this.  The other actors aren’t the greatest either, but the movie is mainly about Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s relationship in real life.

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Don’s Plum – the Movie That Tobey Maguire and Leo DiCaprio Don’t Want You to See

If you look at at both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire’s movie history, you’ll see a movie called Don’s Plum that had a VERY limited release in 2001. It was actually filmed in 1996, though. Ironically, it was filmed in black and white so it looks like an older movie. Leo and Tobey filed a lawsuit to make sure this movie was not released to the public. They don’t want ANYONE to see it. For me, that heightened my appeal to see it. It took me a long time to find it online since every time a copy becomes available, Leo and/or Tobey’s publicists find a way to take it down.



Why are they so adamant to avoid people seeing it? It’s not really made clear as to why they want it banned. Even so, the people who watch it can make some guesses. I personally think that the biggest reason for Leo and Tobey to prevent its release was that they were embarrassed by how stupid they acted in this movie. The plot is also nonexistent. This could be because there was no script to the movie…it was all improvised by the actors.




They were so desperate to squash this movie that they paid 10 million dollars to the producer of Don’s Plum. Most of the movies Leo and Tobey have acted in are really good. On the other hand, the majority of this movie just involves some friends sitting around a table at a restaurant called “Don’s Plum” talking about sex and drugs. There are cuts where each character goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror while talking to themselves. That’s pretty strange and unrealistic.



EVERY actor has some bad movies/acting in their pasts. This helped them grow before they were really famous. Our mistakes are what make us grow as human beings in general. No one is perfect regardless of what they think or say.

Was this movie really bad? I’d have to say yeah. Was it bad in a good way? I would say yeah to that too. The fact that it was stupid made it funny. If this movie was available to everyone, it would most likely become a huge success because of its stupidity and the huge actors that were in it. Leo and Tobey would get so much money for its success and so would Kevin Connolly since he is also very famous now and got his start in Don’s Plum. It could even become a cult success like the movie The Room.

Check out this scene where Leo is wearing fake buck teeth and picking his nose:


Embarrassing? Yes. Hilarious? Of course. We can see Leo’s funny side for once.

If you’re feeling really bold and rebellious, here’s the link to the full movie. It probably will only be on YouTube for a limited time since Leo or Tobey’s publicist will eventually take it down. Watch it while you have the chance:

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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

Disney and Lucasfilm present the second of three of the new Star Wars trilogy! After critical acclaim with the Force Awakens and Rogue One, Rey is back and learning the ways of the force with The Last Jedi! Starting off where the Force Awakens left off, Star Wars The Last Jedi delivers a truly epic story!


Starting off where the Force Awakens left us, Rey is trying to convince Luke Skywalker to help her fight the First Order and Kylo Ren. Meanwhile the Resistance are on the run from the First Order and Supreme leader Snoke. Finn, Poe Leia and the new member Rose must destroy the First Order and Rey must convince Luke Skywalker to help. Kylo Ren and Snoke are as bad as ever and the galaxy’s fate rests with the Resistance.




  • Non-Stop Action
  • Perfect plot leaving us excited after every scene
  • A true Star Wars Movie




  • A little slow at times
  • Confusing at times
  • Questions still un-answered


My Review & Rating

In my opinion, Star Wars The Last Jedi was without doubt and by a mile the greatest Star Wars movie ever and in my top 3 movies of all time. The movie had everything, drama, comedy as well as all out action. With an intense storyline it was a perfect Star Wars movie.

IzzyLFC – 10/10 – “Well Done Disney, Well Done!”

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The Road To Avengers Infinity War

With the Avengers Infinity War trailer now hitting over 100 million views already, the excitement is already building for what is likely to be the biggest ever Marvel Studios movie to date. Let’s take a look at what to expect…

The Fox Universe



With Disney buying out 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios now has its full roster of characters to play with. Could Infinity War reset the universe introducing characters such as Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Apocalypse and even Galactus?


The TV Universe



The Marvel Netflix Universe and Agents of Shield do exist in the same universe, however will they make an appearance in Infinity War? It’s unlikely but it would be awesome to see The Defenders and the Agents of Shield on the big screen.


Avengers 4?



Avengers 4 was meant to be Infinity War part 2 however it was changed to an untitled Avengers film, likely to be the New Avengers probably with all the death happening and the introduction of the Fox characters.


The 6th Infinity Stone



One last Infinity Stone has not been introduced yet, the Soul stone! However it is likely to be in Wakanda as the Black Panther movie comes out before Infinity War and most of the fighting in the trailer is set in Wakanda. There were theories that Heimdall or Adam Warlock possesed the stone, however they were ruled out with Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


Will Thor keep the new look?



One last Infinity Stone has not been introduced yet, the Soul stone! However it is likely to be in Wakanda as the Black Panther movie comes out before Infinity War and most of the fighting in the trailer is set in Wakanda. There were theories that Heimdall or Adam Warlock possesed the stone, however they were ruled out with Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


Will Thor keep the new look?


Someone has to die! Whether its Captain America or Iron Man, an important figure will likely meet his maker during Infinity War. It could even be Nick Fury! But who will be responsible? Thanos? Or the object of his obesession…Lady Death!

Avengers Infinity War will be the biggest MCU movie, or any movie, ever! All the infinity stones and the big bad Thanos will be facing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Watch out DC, 2018 could spell your Doom!



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