Catching Up with Voice Actor Kyle Hebert

This past March, I headed over to Jacksonville Collective Con to cover the event for my YouTube Channel. At the Con, I was able to conduct some really neat interviews with some of the guests they had. However, there was one guest that really stood out going into this event – that was none other than famous Voice Actor Kyle Hebert. Being such a fan of his work on Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, let’s just say I was really hoping to speak with him.

To my luck, I had the opportunity to speak with Kyle about his extensive career in Professional Voice Acting. Here is an overview of some of the topics we were able to discuss in this interview.

Do all the voices come naturally to you?

Kyle’s resume and the amount of character voices he’s done over the years is through the roof. With each different character’s voice sounding so distinct, naturally I was curious- Do all the voices come naturally to you? And the short answer to that is: Yes. Kyle went on to explain how he has a wide range of voices that comes pretty easily to him. He explained how doing the voice of “Gohan” in Dragon Ball Z was a little pitched up on the show, and how doing Dragon Ball Z was really his big break into Voice Acting. Kyle went on to do short impressions of “Ryu” from the video game Street Fighter, as well as the “Narrator Voice” from Dragon Ball Z & “Kiba” from Naruto, showcasing his ability to change voices easily.

Born Prankster then?

With his collection of different voices, I had to ask Kyle if he’s done any phone call pranks on people in the past, maybe switching up the voice mid conversation. Kyle said he has not done any pranks but has been requested several times by people to do a voice prank at a Drive Thru. Giving us a sneak peek of what that would be like, Kyle used his Dragon Ball Z “Narrator Voice” to give us an impression of ordering a “SUPER SAIYAN” sized Big Mac from McDonald’s. Needless to say, if he does do a Drive Thru Voice Prank one day, it would go viral for sure.

Voice Acting Procedure

How does the Voice Acting Procedure work? Well it depends. Kyle explained for Video Games and Anime Dubbing it is done more isolated, without other castmates, and just reading your own lines. That is because of technical constraints where they are trying to match lip sync with a video or trying to match the timing with the Japanese Audio if they are trying to adapt a Japanese Game into English. With American Cartoons (ex. Family Guy, Futurama), it’s a different method. The audio for the show is done before the animation, so that gives the castmates the chance to record together. For Kyle, that type of work is most fun because you get a chance to play off the other’s performances and have more freedom for improv.

Meeting Fans at Collective Con

If you have some sort of platform, I can only imagine one of the most humbling honors is to meet the people that support you and have been impacted by your work. After almost 20+ years of doing Professional Voice Acting, Kyle elaborated that getting to meet his fans in person is “icing on the cake.” Kyle had a great analogy of the entertainment industry being almost like “therapy” for people. The entertainment industry is supposed to be a way to escape from the real world, so to have that much of a major impact on someone is something that “means the world” to Kyle.

I want to thank Kyle Hebert for taking the time to do this interview. It was a real treat to speak with him about his career. Jacksonville Collective Con was a successful event & the next Con I plan to be at is MegaCon in Orlando, FL. If you enjoy Celebrity Interviews, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel “Tbautos512” as all the support is appreciated.

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Kyle Hebert Interview

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New original series “Titans” to debut on DC UNIVERSE on October 12, 2018;

Warner Bros. Television to host world premiere of “Titans” on October 3, 2018, at New York Comic Con

John Barrowman, Samm Levine and Harley Quinn Smith introduced as hosts and regular guests for “DC Daily” show

Fan sweepstakes to win the “Ultimate Batman Studio Tour” with a chance to ride in the Batmobile also announced

The countdown to DC UNIVERSE is down to weeks. To celebrate Batman Day on September 15, 2018, DC UNIVERSE will launch a first-of-its kind digital subscription service to fans across the U.S. In addition, the debut date of the exclusive original series Titans was announced as October 12, 2018, with episodes released weekly on DC UNIVERSE. The first season of Titans will consist of 12 episodes. Warner Bros. Television will host a world premiere screening of Titans on October 3, 2018, in conjunction with New York Comic Con.

This news and more was revealed during the live stream event of DC Daily earlier today. The new daily news show, focused on all things DC, will be available on the DC UNIVERSE service, with select segments also available for viewing at no cost on additional online channels. In the Kevin Smith-hosted live stream, he unveiled the inaugural slate of talent and experts that will host, share news and provide commentary for fans including John Barrowman, Samm Levine and Harley Quinn Smith, among others.

In celebration of the countdown to launch, DC UNIVERSE is offering The Ultimate Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes*. All fans who pre-order until Wednesday, September 12 (5:59 a.m. PT) will be automatically entered for a chance to win. DC UNIVERSE is giving one lucky member the chance to win a one-of-a-kind experience for the Ultimate Batman Fan! The winner gets to visit Warner Bros., take the WB Studio Tour Hollywood, visit DC headquarters, ride in the Batmobile, walkaway with an unbelievable prize package and more. All fans who have already pre-ordered are also automatically entered for a chance to win.

During the live stream, DC UNIVERSE features were also demonstrated along with a broad array of exclusive content and merchandise that will be coming to the digital subscription service when it launches on September 15. DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee walked viewers through some of the most exciting fan-forward features of the DC UNIVERSE service and shared his excitement for the launch.


A roundup of announcements made during the streaming event included:


  • The debut date of Titans was announced as October 12, with episodes released weekly. New talent shots and insight on the show’s origins and storyline were also shared.
  • Show producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti discussed the much-anticipated season 3 of Young Justice, the exclusive original Young Justice: Outsiders, and previewed a never-before-seen clip of the upcoming series.
  • DC UNIVERSE members can catch the first two seasons of Young Justice starting on launch day while they await the debut of Young Justice: Outsiders in 2019.


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Venom To Hit Screens Amid Spider-Man Rumours

Venom hits theatres this week and rumours are abound that a certain web slinger may eventually cross paths with the anti-hero symbiote.

Sony may have loaned out it’s hottest property to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Spider-Man appeared in Civil War and then Homecoming, but it still has a significant number of Spider-Man related characters in its film stable. One of those is Venom, a symbiote infected Eddie Brock who has wreaked havoc in the Spiderverse ever since his introduction in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #300 way back in 1988.

Venom the movie will hit cinema screens this week and already the fan gossip is about Spider-Man and whether or not our friendly neighbourhood web-head will make an appearance or even be referenced. What about Peter Parker, the Daily Bugle or J.Jonah Jameson?

So far, Sony has made it clear that this is a stand alone movie with no connection to the MCU. However, Venom director Ruben Fleischer has been qouted as saying that some meeting between Venom and Spidey is “inevitable”. Speaking to Screenrant, Fleischer said “I think we did the ground work in this film for a pretty fun match-up in the future so I think that’ll be a really exciting story to explore. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d love to see him face off against Spider-Man at some point”. Fleischer went on to say that both Tom Hardy, who plays Venom and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland are both “excited” about the prospect of a meeting.

How that will happen is anyone’s guess. The convoluted movie rights that make up the Marvel presence on the big screen means that some kind of deal will have to be struck between Sony and Disney in order for Spider-Man’s own universe to expand within the MCU.

Venom opens in theatres October 5.

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Stan Lee 1922 – 2018

As news of Stan Lee’s passing reverberates around the world, Geek Genie pays tribute to “The Man”.

lthough most of us knew this day was coming, it was still hard to take. At 95 years of age, Stanley Martin Lieber, had passed. He had lived his best life. In recent months, the signs were there that Stan may not be of this mortal plane for much longer. After his beloved wife Joan passed away in 2017 also at the age of 95, his health slowly deteriorated.

Stan Lee’s place in comic book and indeed pop-culture history is already assured. He was instrumental in turning a fledgling Marvel Comics into a powerhouse which shunted to one side the old established order represented by DC Comics. Lee’s penchant for hyperbole saw him add the strapline “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” to the Fantastic Four comic…after only two issues! But it was precisely this boundless enthusiasm and energy which saw Marvel tap into the 1960’s hip new generation in a way that DC struggled to.

His creative collaborations with industry legends such as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Don Heck to name but a few saw the birth of a new universe that has now come to dominate the big screen. Spider-Man was a loner and nerd who was bullied at school. The X-Men were a band of outcasts shunned by society and victims of discrimination and intolerance. Generations of disenfranchised groups found an immediate home in the pages of these unconventional heroes.

Lee was not without controversy. His role in the creative process of many of Marvel’s characters has sometimes been challenged. The age of social media has possibly amplified some of the vitriol hurled toward Lee. But even his most ardent critics would have to accept that Marvel Comics and indeed its later cinematic off-shoot would not have had the success it enjoys to this day without Stan Lee.

After Marvel’s stable of titles increased, Lee stepped aside as writer and editor to become Publisher of Marvel Comics in 1972 and in 1980 moved to Los Angeles in an effort to launch Marvel into Holywood. But box office success would have to wait. While DC were enjoying success with its Superman and Batman series of films, Marvel were releasing straight to video flops in the form of Captain America and Fantastic Four. 

All that would change in 2000 with the release of X-Men. The success of  X-Men heralded the Marvel Age of Movies. In 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born with the release of Iron Man. The studio followed one hit after another. A fan favourite feature of each movie is Stan Lee’s cameo appearances. With Avengers 4 already completed, Stan’s next cameo will be all the more special.

News of his passing prompted a deluge of tributes from friends, collaborators, fans and pretty much anyone and everyone.

For those of us who are comic book fans, most of us cannot remember a time without Stan Lee. His vision, passion, creativity and constant desire to move Marvel forward has given us a world rich with characters and stories that will remain forever. The Marvel Universe, indeed the comic book world, is poorer today with Lee’s passing. But you know he wouldn’t want it to end here. His legacy lives on in the millions of fans and creators inspired by his work and vision. Onward. Excelsior!

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DC Entertainment Pays Tribute To Stan Lee

As pop-culture fans across the world digested the news of Stan Lee’s passing, DC Comics paid there own tribute to “The Man”.


Given all his achievements in comic books, entertainment and pop culture, Stan Lee’s nickname, “The Man,” was both well earned and well deserved. From his time as a teenage assistant at then Timely Comics, through his collaborations with fellow icons like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr. and John Buscema, plus his tireless promotion of comic books to a mainstream audience, Lee was in no small part responsible for raising the profile of comic books to make them accessible to everyone.

“Without Stan Lee’s fertile and creative mind, endless energy and work ethic, comic books would have been completely different from what we know and enjoy today,” said DC Publisher Dan DiDio. “He helped to create worlds that were both fantastic and relatable at the same timeallowing more people to embrace superhero storiesWe’ll be forever richer having him with us.” 

He also made his impact felt here at DC, as the guiding force behind “Just Imagine,” where he re-imagined several of DC’s main superheroes. For those fortunate to have met and worked with him in those days in DC’s New York offices, his impact, warm smile and influence will always be fondly remembered. 

“Stan was a great friend and a true legend. He paved the road for me and other creators for more than half a century,” said DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee. “From my beginnings in the industry until today, Stan’s influence on my work and my life can’t be emphasized enough. It was a dream come true to have worked with him however briefly, and I’m honored to be among the amazing roster of creative talent that shared the stage with him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the millions of fans whose lives have been touched by his brilliance.”

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The Flash Season 5 – The Story So Far

With The Flash settling nicely into Season 5, let’s have a recap on events so far. SPOILER WARNING! 



Team Flash comes in contact with Nora, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, while Iris shows delight, Barry shows concern that she could configure the timeline based on his own mistake using time travel. The Flash Team comes in encounters a new metahuman (Gridlock), Gridlock has the power to harness kinetic energy, and Barry suits up in past costumes since his last one was devastated. At the point when Barry attempts to send Nora home, Wally uncovers that Nora’s blood is saturated with negative tachyons, which keeps her from utilizing the Speed Force or the Legends’ Waverider to time travel. Barry asks Nora the end result for him later on, with Nora uncovering that he never returns after disappearing in 2024 and that she traveled back in time to meet him. Gridlock makes a plane fall, so Barry, Nora, Wally, and Cisco collaborate to stop it, with Nora providing Barry with a Flash ring suit. They phase the plane through strong structures before it lands securely in the river. While Gridlock is being transported to jail, the vehicle is assaulted by a veiled person, who reveals to Gridlock that he intends to wipe out all metahumans before moving toward him with a lightning-shaped dagger.



Barry battles to prepare the energetic Nora, who gets herself hired as a CSI assistant to spend more time with her dad, much to Iris’ distress. Caitlin and Ralph endeavor to help Cisco in the result of his separation with Gypsy, with Cisco in the long run accepting that Gypsy isn’t who he intended to be with. Caitlin declines to seek after that her dad may even now be alive, regardless of Ralph’s request. Cecile begins to lose her telepathy and battles to connect with her child without having the ability to know her thoughts. Then, another meta called Block, who can make block of thick air, takes weapons from her old gang, while trying to stop her, the group has their first experience with Cicada, the masked man who executed Gridlock. He stabs Block, however Nora figures out how to speed her far from the scene. Cicada at that point uses his dagger to kill the team’s force, beats them extremely, and almost slaughters Barry before Nora drives him off. Cisco vibes with Caitlin, discovering that her mom was involved with her dad’s disappearing. Iris uncovers that she has been investigating Cicada, and the group finds that Nora definitely knows about him.


“The Death of Vibe”

The team initiate Harrison Sherloque Wells to assist them in catching Cicada, who Nora uncovers is unstopable in future time. Caitlin and Ralph go up against Caitlin’s mom, who denies manufacturing her husband’s birth certificate. They later break into her records and discover a suicide note from Caitlin’s dad. Sherloque pinpoints Cicada as David Hersch, as he was previously correct 37 times. Because of Nora’s tampering with the timeline notwithstanding, his identity on Earth-1 is different. Cicada assaults Joe to bait out Vibe and when Cisco arrives, Cicada breaks his arm after stabbing him. Barry arrives, however is effortlessly defeated. Nora institutes a blast to drive Cicada off, which results in Cisco’s evident death. Be that as it may, Cisco returns, having utilized a breach machine to get away. With the public and Cicada trusting that Vibe is dead, Sherloque consents to encourage the group. Caitlin decodes a concealed message from her dad, Thomas, requesting that she come find him. Cicada visits his comatose niece in the hospital. Nora consents to remain with her folks, in spite of her apparently stressed relationship with Iris. Sherloque starts to presume that Nora isn’t in 2018 for the reasons she gave.


“News Flash”

The team find articles about XS, composed by one of Iris’ previous associates, Spencer Young, which are altogether published just before the events happen. Iris contacts Spencer, requesting that she avoid placing XS in her articles so as to protect Nora. Spencer is revealed to be in control of a telephone that enables her to control individuals’ minds so she can make articles for her blog. Nora uncovers she has a strained relationship with Iris in light of the fact that later on, the latter implanted her with a meta dampening chip that constrains her forces. Barry and Nora go to the stadium when a bomb threat is reported, where Spencer utilizes her tech to hypnotize XS into attempting to murder the Flash. Iris in the long run stops XS by shooting her with a sedative dart, allowing Nora to regain her mind and Barry to capture Spencer. The group discovers that Spencer’s telephone and Cicada’s blade have Meta capacities, made from DeVoe’s satellite blast, which means meta-tech, could be in the hands of anybody. It is later uncovered that Cicada has super-strength.


“All Doll’d Up”

Barry and Nora go to stop two criminal on motorcycles, with Iris getting baffled when Nora cuts her coms. Nora uncovers that in the future; Iris is continually pestering her and never allows her to make inquiries about her past. Nora goes to spend some time with Cecile, discovering more about Iris from her. Afterward, another meta called Rag Doll assaults an architect downtown and destroyed his office, however the Flash spares him. Iris and Barry attempt to investigate the new meta, yet the latter gets caught by Rag Doll and held prisoner on a housetop with power dampening cuffs (though the villain’s unaware of Barry’s abilities). Ralph and Iris go to save Barry, with Iris jumping off the building herself to remove Barry’s cuffs and enabling him to spare them. Ralph gulps down Rag Doll before turning into an airbag to arrive securely. Iris discloses to Nora nothing is beyond reach with her, and the two begin to grow closer. In the meantime, Cisco and Caitlin investigates her dad and track him to a college office and a chem lab, however discover nothing. Cisco effectively takes control of DeVoe’s four satellites, which can be utilized to attempt and find both Caitlin’s dad’s and Cicada’s hideouts.



 “The Icicle Cometh”

Barry, Cisco and Caitlin finds her dad, Thomas, in an  arctic facility and bring him to S.T.A.R. Labs while whatever remains of Team Flash keep on examining Cicada’s character. After his arm begins changing into ice, Thomas reveals that in his endeavor to fix his ALS, and to treat the ALS quality in Caitlin, the trials brought about them both creating ice powers, however it appears to be killing him, so Caitlin starts working on a cure to save his life. Thomas claims he never showed anyother identity like Killer Frost, yet Cisco is suspicious. He teleports back to Thomas’ lab, where he finds “Thomas” is really an alternate personality wearing skin grafts to pose as him. Caitlin does not trust Cisco until the point when she understands the serum she made could murder her dad’s human side. Her dad’s alter ego “Icicle” develops and endeavors to murder Team Flash with total zero temperatures, yet Caitlin turns out to be resistant. With whatever is left of the group incapacitated, Killer Frost returns and thrashings Icicle. After the real Thomas quickly shows, Icicle knocks Killer Frost back and escapes without the serum. Team Flash establishes that Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm’s forces caused Killer Frost’s vanishing and they additionally learn the name of Cicada’s niece, Grace.


“O Come, All Ye Thankful”

Grace is in the hospital and Dr. Ambres stops Barry from visiting her. Barry and Nora must stop a freak lightning storm from hitting the city’s power grid. Team Flash speculate Mark Mardon, however Nora and Barry experience his estranged daughter rather, Joss Jackam/Weather Witch, using a climate control staff like her dad. Barry and Nora convey Mardon to her so as to make her stop however without much of any result. Rather, an enraged Joss assaults an air terminal with a lightning tornado. Barry utilizes Mardon’s wand to absorb Joss’ lightning and subdue her. Team Flash at last unveals Cicada’s identiity: Orlin Dwyer. In flashbacks Orlin is show adopting Grace after the death of her mom’s in a metahuman assault while bonding, debris from DeVoe’s satellite places Grace in a trance like state (coma) and pierces Orlin with shrapnel that would later turn into his knife. Censuring metahumans for what occurred; Orlin promises to eradicate them all for Grace’s benefit.



What’s Past Is Prologue”

Barry and Nora time travel to gather items needed to stop Cicada; a highly magnetic alloy from Savitar’s armor, Harry Wells’ Speed Force transmitter, and dark matter. They first travel to Team Flash’s final battle with Savitar. After a Time Wraith appears, Barry distracts it so Nora can retrieve a piece of the armor. They next travel to when Zoom stole Barry’s speed for the transmitter, which Barry obtains from Harry. Zoom discovers Barry and Nora and gives chase before he is stopped by the Time Wraith; though this breaks the transmitter in the process. Even though he is reluctant, Nora convinces Barry to ask Eobard Thawne for help. Despite some initial difficulty, Barry convinces Eobard to fix the transmitter by claiming he will never get home if he does not. Finally, Barry and Nora travel to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. In the Time Vault, Gideon reroutes part of the dark matter through the shard and transmitter, and Barry reveals to Nora that Thawne killed his mother. Back in the present, Team Flash separates Cicada from his dagger temporarily before he escapes. Nora returns to 2049 to confront Eobard Thawne at Iron Heights.


Elseworlds, Part 1″

On a decimated Earth-90, the Flash is seen crawling towards a book, but a mysterious stranger picks it up and uses it to destroy that reality; though the Flash escapes. On Earth-1, the stranger presents the book to Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Dr. John Deegan, and instructs him to rewrite reality as he sees fit. The following morning, under threatening red skies, Oliver Queen and Barry discover that they have swapped lives, with everyone believing they’re each other. When they seek the assistance of Team Flash, they don’t believe them and lock Barry and Oliver in the pipeline. Barry and Oliver use each other’s abilities to escape and convince a reluctant Iris to allow them to flee to Earth-38 to enlist the help of Kara Danvers / Supergirl and her cousin, Clark Kent / Superman. Back on Earth-1, the heroes join forces to stop A.M.A.Z.O., an android that can copy their abilities. They stop the android and, after seeing a vision of the stranger from Cisco, they realize they must travel to Gotham City.

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Raimi’s Spider-Man – A Look Back After “Homecoming”

With the introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the recent box office hit Homecoming, Geek Genie takes a wistful look back at Sam Raimi’s original trilogy of movies in the naughties…starting with Spider-Man.

When a young teenager by the name of Tom Holland appeared in Captain America: Civil War, it was the first time a teenager was depicting a teenage Spider-Man. Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and long before him Nicolas Hammond, were all mid to late twenties when they were web spinning so most of fandom were happy that Spider-Man was truly returning to his roots with a physical depiction of Spider-Man more true to the original character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


So how does the Maguire Spider-Man now fit into the cinematic mythos? In terms of continuity, it doesn’t exist as Marvel only recently reached an agreement with Sony to take creative control of Spider-Man and enter him into the MCU.

Spider-Man was a hugely successful film at the box office, raking in over $800m worldwide. That would be a smash hit today, more so in 2002. It was also met with critical success as well and much of that is down to Sam Raimi’s faithful comic book adaptation of Spider-Man and his supporting cast. Toby Maguire’s boyish looks made him a passable teenage high school student and he was ably supported by a quality cast from Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane, Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn, James Franco as Harry Osborn and J.K Simmons delivering for fans a J.J.Jameson taken straight from the pages of the comic books.


The plot revolved mainly around the relationship between Peter, Harry and Norman. With Peter and Harry being like brothers, Norman Osborn looks upon Peter as a son he should have had. Both were scientific geniuses and with Peter having lost his parents, Norman was a father figure. But as science brought the two together, science would eventually tear them apart. Peter was bitten by a genetically created spider at a science exhibition and Norman took matters into his own hands when using himself to test the formula that would transform him into Spider-Man’s greatest ever foe, the Green Goblin.

Peter’s personal life has always been a source of great stortelling and character development in the comic books and Raimi and Maguire combined to portray a Peter Parker familiar to comic book fans and endearing to film goers. The origin story was recreated faithfully and the impact of Uncle Ben’s death is the central driving force behind Peter’s desire to become Spider-Man. The slight tweak in the origin story was the argument that Peter has with Uncle Ben. As this was the last interaction between the two, the guilt and horror that Peter feels when Uncle Ben is shot is magnified and provided movie goers with a more overt expression of what drives Peter to become the man, and Spider-Man, that he eventually becomes.

The endearing thing about Raimi’s Spider-Man is that audiences really got to connect with Peter. We witnessed his bullying in high school, his unrequited love for MJ, the life long guilt that he will feel about his Uncle Ben’s death, made worse when his Aunt May finally finds out about Peter’s last moments with Ben in Spider-Man 2 as well as his quest to create his own suit. This truly was a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s omething that Spider-Man – Homecoming maybe missed out on a little. Yes, of course most audience by now are very well versed in the origin of Spider-Man so there is an understandable argument to skip what we already know. But by doing that audiences have been robbed of the first, deep cut that forms the emotional bond with Peter by never seeing him suffer with the loss of Uncle Ben as well as his motivation for being Spider-Man. In Homecoming, whilst a great and thoroughly enjoyable movie, Spider-Man has almost become a Tony Stark creation right down to the AI boosted costume. Peter even says desperately to Tony Stark “I’m nothing without the suit”. Of course, Peter would eventually find that he doesn’t need the suit to be a hero but did he really need Tony Stark to teach him that lesson as well?



From the casting, to the special effects wich were ground breaking at the time and indeed was nominated for Academy Awards, Raimi’s Spider-Man brought fans their favourite wall crawler to the big screen after decades of false dawns. And it didn’t disappoint.

Marvel fans were on the whole positive about Homecoming and to Tom Holland becoming the face of Spider-Man for the next 10 years. But I have a feeling that Toby Maguire will fast become the Christopher Reeves of Spider-Man movies.

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Which actor played the best Spider-Man?

One thing is for sure: every Spider-Man movie is guaranteed to be filled with action and excitement.

Even so, the acting of the masked hero varies. We now have 3 different actors that have donned the Spidey suit on the big screen. They have all put in great effort, but who is the best? Let’s weigh the options.


Tom Holland is a new and fresh face for Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He really connects with the younger audience members. He has the funny factor of Spider-Man, but does he pull off the nerd aspect of Peter Parker? He seems like too much of a cool kid. Let’s be honest…if he were in our high school classes, he would be the most popular guy in school. He also seems like a flat-out crony of Iron Man. He’ll sometimes be dealing with situations on his own, but he’ll usually have Iron Man breathing down his neck.
Andrew Garfield was very humorous, but he’s also too cool. And what’s with the skateboard? Peter Parker did NOT have a skateboard in the comics! Andrew Garfield was so inaccurate that it wasn’t even funny. The Amazing Spider-Man was tolerable, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely killed that franchise. No one really wanted to know what happened to Peter and Spidey after that trainwreck.
The storylines of both The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming lack the emotional depth of the original Spider-Man movies, also. They’re entertaining, but how well can we see through Peter Parker’s eyes?  They also come off as conceited Peter Parkers. Their mannerisms don’t coincide with the self-conscious way that Peter Parker is supposed to be.
Andrew Garfield was very humorous, but he’s also too cool. And what’s with the skateboard? Peter Parker did NOT have a skateboard in the comics! Andrew Garfield was so inaccurate that it wasn’t even funny. The Amazing Spider-Man was tolerable, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely killed that franchise. No one really wanted to know what happened to Peter and Spidey after that trainwreck.
The storylines of both The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming lack the emotional depth of the original Spider-Man movies, also. They’re entertaining, but how well can we see through Peter Parker’s eyes?  They also come off as conceited Peter Parkers. Their mannerisms don’t coincide with the self-conscious way that Peter Parker is supposed to be.
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Flashpoint Kicks off Season 3 of The Flash


The season premiere took up where season 2 left off with Barry making a monumental decision to go back in time and save his mother once and for all. Having defeated the Reverse Flash and locked him up somewhere in an abandoned warehouse, Barry Allen is now living his dream of a happy home life with the parents he never grew up with. Hmmm, Barry Allen happy? Well, CW at least gave Barry some happiness before pulling the rug from under him later on as the consequences of his time travelling antics soon catch up with him. In this new timeline, Barry is just Barry, albeit he still has the Flash super-powers.



But there is a Flash. Enter Wally West in his Kid Flash costume. But he’s not the only Speedster in town as The Rival enters the CW universe.


The Rival first appeared in Flash Comics way back in 1949 and in the comics he was Dr Edward Clariss who recreated the powers of Jay Garick, calling it Velocity 9. But after a clash between The Rival and Kid Flash ends in tragedy, Barry realises that this perfect world he has created is anything but. Vowing to right yet another wrong, Barry is visited by The Flash of Earth 3, Jay Garrick. Garrick warns Barry of the consequences of time travel, that everytime he goes back in time to fix things something else will break. And so Barry must go back to Eobard Thawn and make good on the promise that his nemesis made to him at the beginning of the episode. “You will beg me to kill your mother Flash!” screamed the Reverse Flash. And so, realising the consequences of altering the timeline, Barry must go back in time again to that fateful night his mother was muredered. This time to stand and watch the Reverse Flash kill his mother once again, thereby restoring the timeline. Or so we thought. Barry comes back to find not everything is he left it. Joe and Iris don’t talk, Cisco’s brother Ramone was killed by a drink driver and a new member has joined Central City’s CSi unit. And he doesn’t like Barry. And so, Flashpoint ended in just one episode. But the ramifications of Barry’s tinkering with the timeline will reverberate throughout season 3. And so will The Rival and Dr Alchemy…

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Pilot For X-MEN’s LEGION Ordered By FX

FX has ordered a pilot for Legion, a show based on the character of David Haller, Professor X’s estranged son.

According to the announcement, the show’s version of Haller is a young man plagued by mental illness and diagnosed as schizophrenic who must confront the possibility that the voices he hears and visions he sees are real.

The pilot is being written by Noah Hawley (Fargo), and he is also as an executive producer alongside Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, and John Cameron, as well as Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory. No mention is made of Legion’s connection to the X-Men film franchise or to Professor X.

“Legion is just the sort of ambitious story that Noah excels at,” said Nick Grad, co-President of Original Programming at FX. “His adaption of Fargo for television was one of the most acclaimed television events in recent memory. It’s also an honor to partner with Marvel on Legion and to enlist such an accomplished team of Executive Producers to create this pilot.”

Comic book conspiracy theorists might also take note that this means a division of 20th Century Fox is working with Marvel on a project with one foot potentially in the X-Men cinematic universe.

No premiere date for Legion was announced.

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