Do you love monsters?

Is there anything better than monsters?

I mean not just scary monsters, either. Aliens and Hellraiser are great and all, but I love monsters of all types. I love monsters in Adventure Time as much as I love them in Lord of the Rings.

Monsters have penetrated every corner of entertainment, and they are the perfect literary device to talk about everything from racism to the dangers of nuclear war and to do it in a way that isn’t preachy or heavy-handed. The subtle genius of Godzilla is that it got me thinking and talking about nuclear war, even when I was too young to understand what nuclear war even meant.

Studying monsters in literature and movies is also a great way to find out what people worried about throughout the ages. Take Aliens. You might consider Aliens one of the greatest horror sci-fi movies of all time, but it was also a movie steeped in fear over the HIV epidemic of the 1980s. You have to look under the hood to see the parallels which go all the way down to why Ripley was the last person left alive and the only one to survive, but they exist.

On top of all that, monsters can represent anyone and everyone at the same time. There isn’t a person alive who can’t see themselves represented in some form of monster or another, whether it’s feeling invisible to others like the Invisible Man or being a walking ball of rage like the Hulk, there is a monster for everybody.

Unfortunately, most people associate monsters with horror, when they can be so much more.

That’s why I decided to publish the Monsters and Other Scary Sh!t anthology, so that people can appreciate all the amazing ways monsters can be used, from horror to fantasy to sci-fi, and beyond. It’s a 224-page anthology devoted to everything I love about monsters, filled with stories from 30 creative teams jamming out about monsters. It’s the monster book I always wanted, made by monster fans for monster fans.

If you love comics, anthologies, and especially monsters, check it out today by heading to Kickstarter, or by clicking here KICKSTARTER LINK

What’s your favorite monster?

Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher, consultant, and, most of all, a monster lover. He runs Wannabe Press, a small press that creates weird books for weird people and hosts The Business of Art podcast.

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Cruise to Launch Universal Monster-verse with The Mummy

Universal Pictures will finally get their wish with a shared universe for their iconic monsters and it all kicks off this summer.


It’s been a long time coming and quite a few false dawns, but Universal Pictures will finally get their wish. This summer will see the launch of their very own “monster-verse” with the release of The Mummy. Briging all the Universal monsters together in a shared universe has often been seen as a mission impossible, so surely if anyone was going to lead a successful charge for Universal it would be Tom Cruise.



Cruise will play Nick Morton and will be a pivotal character in the universe moving forward.

The story is set in the present day, a departure from the traditional period setting for most Mummy iterations.

The Mummy will also introduce audiences to Dr.Jekyll played by Russell Crowe and will lead into his own movie.



Judging by the trailer released today, The Mummy will be as much action as it will be horror with Universal looking to tap into Tom Cruise’s continued box office appeal.

The Mummy will be released June 9, 2017

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Hey there Horror Fans! Got a inkling for a scary clown movie?

Hey there Horror Fans! Got a inkling for a scary clown movie? Do creepy clowns freak you out? How about just plain haunting face paint that rubs you the wrong way? Well I think we all had to do a double take after the Gacy years, but for the meantime we thought we’d give you a nice little selection to choose from. Now my disclaimer on this list is “clown horror” films that I’ve yet to see which have been appropriately placed in the special mentions below. When they make the viewing circle, I might have to swap a few out 😉 My choices are subjective, but what I feel are appropriate also

Out of proper courtesy though, I do ask that commenters call a few out that “should” be in the top 10. Which upon that we’ll be more likely to push 1 or 2 forward on the review cycle (or bump it up to a top 20??)

Scary Clowns:

The difference you’ll find is while some are “clown” focused films, a few others just have a smaller scary clown moments.TV shows were left out, though I did note a few memorable moments in the special mentions (sometimes scarier than the films on this list)…enjoy!

(not in ranking order)





01- Stephen King’s It (1990) (Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown)

Now here is a no brainer. Tim Curry was scary as the Devil in “Legend“, that freak in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and “especially” playing the role of “Pennywise the Clown”. I think placing Curry in any makeup simply is not a good thing for our fragile minds. HMM, maybe Curry should have been the new Freddy Krueger??? (or his sister “Penny Krueger” – sorry lame joke 😉






02- Amusement (2008)

Nothing amusing about one surreal clown creepster. In three tragic secrets, (stories) we get a small variety of subplots all involving the presence of clown horror. Amusement was a great film, one that I purchased right away upon viewing.If you’ve been putting this one off, don’t! It’s worthy of this list and for your DVD shelf







03- Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Campy, fun and they still look like Klowns you don’t want to wake up to. Regarded as a cult classic for campy clown films, you really can’t ignore this on as a mainstay repeat lister. For a clown film, it gets my vote for being most “80’s” of the group.

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