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Batman Arkham – A Review of The Dark Knight’s Greatest Gaming Series

Batman is a huge character in the Comic book, Movie and action figure industry, he is an iconic figure that is universally recognized. The Batman Arkham games played a huge role in my childhood gaming sessions with my Brother. From crying at the joker’s death, celebrating when finally collecting that one last Riddler trophy and screaming at the sight of Mister Freeze following your every move. I am reviewing the brilliant quadrilogy in a trip of nostalgia, hopefully more games will come after Warner Bros read my article!

Batman Arkham Asylum – 2009





The Playstation essential that started it all. The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and has freed all inmates, it is Batman’s to get past villains like Quinn, Ivy and Bane to stop your arch-nemesis the joker. After escaping the wrath of your worst fears, the danger of mother nature and effects of venom you reach the Joker, and he is about to surprise him. Injecting himself with Dr Young’s “Titan formula” he becomes a monster. Batman has to stop him before the Joker terrorises Gotham!


Review and Rating:



Brilliant Story, nice variety of levels and great moments to remember. Killer Croc and Scarecrow missions keeping me alert and a number of different skills were needed for me to advance further in the masterpiece.

“A true classic” – 8/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham City – 2011




One of the greatest games ever to be made. After the events of Arkham Asylum, A new project launched by Hugo Strange has been created…Arkham City. A city for criminals who can roam around freely, obviously Batman is on the case. The Joker is revealed to be sick from the Titan drug, and he merges his blood with Batman’s. Batman is looking for the cure and has to encounter nearly all of his rogue’s gallery. The story ultimately ends in many twists but the unexpected death, and non-revival, legitimate death of the greatest villain of all…The Joker!


Review and Rating:



Perfect Story, Perfect villains and levels and probably the best single player Playstation game of all time. Twists, heartbreaks and many, many jump scares (Mr Freeze!!!).

“A Perfect Masterpiece” – 10/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Origins – 2013




The origin story of the Arkham series. Set in the first years of Bruce Wayne becoming the Batman, the black mask has hired 8 assassins to take down the Gotham vigilante for a bounty. Batman defeats each assassin one after another, he ends up confronting the Black mask who is revealed to be the Joker, a criminal Batman has never crossed paths with!


Review and Rating:




Fun game with fantastic graphics, challenging levels that put your skills to the test and a great plotline to start up the Arkham Universe.

“Great game in our generation” – 7/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Knight – 2015




The final installment of the memorable series. After the death of the crown price of crime himself, crime levels of Gotham decrease rapidly, however after Scarecrow releases the deadliest fear toxin yet, Gotham is forced to evacuate. Gotham city is left with criminals, metahumans, a mysterious figure going by the term “Arkham Knight” and the Batman to stop them. The story revolves around Batman finding his way to Scarecrow but keep finding this Arkham Knight character instead. After explaining his grudge, he is revealed to be Jason Todd, a former Robin. He ends up working with Batman as the Red hood (A character from the comics) to stop Scarecrow. In the end Bruce Wayne is revealed on live TV as the Batman and must activate the “Knightfall” protocol resulting in his demise, and the demise of the Dark knight.


Review and Rating:


Gripping storyline, best graphics at the time, new feature of accessorising the Batmobile and a great way to end the series.

“A near perfect way to end the Batman” – 9/10 – IzzyLFC

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