A Look Back at “Hell In A Cell”

We kick off Geek Genie’s new WWE section with a look back at the recent “Hell In A Cell” event!


Overall, Smackdown’s pay per view was good with a few ups and downs.



The New Day vs The Usos WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Usually with Tag matches, I don’t watch them, I don’t find them exciting. The tend to be over-hyped. But this is one of a handful of tag matches I have enjoyed. It was non-stop action and there were many shocking moments in the match too.

My prediction: The New Day retain their titles

Result: The Usos won their second Smackdown Tag Championships


AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger U.S Title


This match had 3 great superstars who I thought all deserved the title, over this month the 3 have been feuding with each other. The match was set to be AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin, though on Smackdown Live the week before, Tye picked up a victory over Corbin. He was then added to the match. In the ending moments, Styles hit the phenomenal forearm on Dillinger, however Corbin pushed Styles out of the ring to steal the win, and the U.S Title.

My predictionAJ Styles retains his U.S Title

Result: Baron Corbin was crowned as the new U.S Champion


Charlotte Flair vs Natalya Smackdown Women’s Championship


This was surprisingly a very good match, with both women fighting it out for the title. Natalya dominated the first part of the match, although Charlotte Flair came back quickly taking out Natalya. With Charlotte diving from the top rope, with an amazing moonsault, Natalya picked up a chair and slammed it on Charlotte causing a DQ.

My prediction: Charlotte Flair wins the Women’s Championship

Result: Charlotte Flair wins the match by DQ Natalya keeps the title


Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship


I thought it was a HELL IN A CELL MATCH! Anyway, this match was still really good. Shinsuke did well, Mahal did well, this time the Singh Brothers actually got ejected for once, however while the ref was ejecting them Shinsuke hit the Kinshasa, though the Singh Brothers still distracted him for a while, just for Jinder to get a hand to the rope. Jinder hit his slam move, to win the match.

My prediction: Jinder retains the title

Result: Jinder retains the title


Randy Orton vs Rusev


I didn’t even bother about this match, Randy deserves a bigger match (I’m not saying Rusev is bad, he’s a very good competitor, I’m just saying right now he is a jobber). So the match was pretty good. In the end, Rusev attempted the accolade, however Orton scrambled through to hit a face first RKO, to win the match.

My prediction: Randy Orton wins.

Result: Randy Orton wins via pinfall.


Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler


What a match. This was definitely one of the best matches of the night, both Roode and Ziggler did very well. The match was packed with action, as the no -hyped matched, hyped the crowd more than any other match before it. In the end a sequence of rollups lead to Roode picking up the win. Though straight after Ziggler zig-zagged him, which I found extremely funny!

My prediction: Didn’t even know it was on the match card. Although I knew Roode would win.

Result: Bobby Roode is victorious.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens



Probably the best Hell in a Cell match I’ve seen in the past years, both in the ring and outside it. But boy what a match!! Both men dominated through the match. In the final moments, Kevin was pushed off the Cell right through the announce table! (Nothing like Foley’s though).


Shane once again climbed the Cell, did his prayer, and that’s what tells us he’s jumping. Jumping from 20 feet, he missed. AGAIN.


Although Kevin didn’t dodge the elbow like Taker did at WM 32, it was Sami Zayn! His arch rival had pulled him away from the announce table. Sami then put Kevin over Shane, for Kevin to pick up the win, (and for poor Shane to lose another match).

Overall, this was an exceptional pay-per view with the last match being, spectacular!

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The Top 10 Episodes of CW’s The Flash

With the recent release of the much anticipated season 4 kicking off, Geek Genie takes a look at the best 10 episodes of The Flash.

10. “Flash vs Arrow” S1E8


Flash vs Arrow may not have been the craziest episode ever but the 2nd part of the Crossover was a brilliant episode since it was the beginning of many crossovers to come. Action packed, full of great fighting scenes whilst also giving audiences a glimpse of the great friendship between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.


9. “Flash of Two Worlds” S2E2


The 2nd episode of my favourite season of The Flash, Jay Garrick acts as a mentor to the Flash teaching him the ways of the speedforce. This episode contains a scene that mirrors the iconic comic book cover from The Flash #123  as well as featuring the return of Harrison Wells…but not as we knew him!


8.”Enter Zoom” S2E5


The first meeting between Barry and Zoom, a demonic speedster from the parallel world known as “Earth 2”. Zoom shows his power and speed when humiliating the Flash in a fight. We learnt truly how dangerous Zoom could be.

7.”I know who you are” S3E20


The episode after Savitar’s identity is revealed to Killer Frost, and the episode Savitar’s identity is revealed. A fan theory coming true that Barry Allen of the future is revealed to be Savitar. Many hints such as “The future Flash” indicated the identity but overall it was a great way to leave us on the edge of our seats.


6.”Pilot” S1E1

The one that started it all, the origin story. An introduction to Barry Allen and Central city giving us the origin we read in the comics. It wasn’t an episode that had any cliffhangers or twists but how could I not include it?

5. “Infantino street” S3E21


The episode that season 3 was leading up to, we know that Savitar was Barry of the future, a time remnant. Barry tries his hardest to save Iris from her fate, however he fails leading to the death of Iris West…

4. “Flashpoint” S3E1


Flashpoint had us screaming at the end of season 2, we could not wait to see the new world that Barry Allen creates. Realising his mistake in saving his Mother he had to change the world back, however it was not the same as how he left it.

3. “Escape from Earth-2” S2E14

Similar to Flashpoint, we saw a parallel world where Barry was a geek, Iris a cop and Caitlin and Ronnie as Metahuman criminals. As the team tries to escape Earth-2 with prisoner Jesse Quick, Zoom hunts them down and kills Jay through the breach! Tragic!

2. “Fast Enough” S1E22


The finale of season 1 was brilliant and heartbreaking. An imprisoned Harrison Wells makes an agreement with Barry sending Harrison to his time, the 25th century and allowing Barry to save his Mother. Not foreseeing the consequences the season ends with a second particle accelerator explosion.

1.”The man in the yellow suit” S1E8




This Christmas special truly had it all, Barry’s greatest enemy returning, a spectacular showdown between the Flash and the reverse Flash, an appearance of Firestorm and the reveal of Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash.

In conclusion, there are many episodes that could not make my list such as Invincible, the Runaway Dinosaur and The Rogue episodes but I hope you have enjoyed reading my list, however did you agree with it?


Honorable Mentions

“Out of Time” S1E15, “King Shark” S2E16, “Rupture” S2E19, “The race of his life” S2E22, “Shade” S3E6.

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Batman Arkham – A Review of The Dark Knight’s Greatest Gaming Series

Batman is a huge character in the Comic book, Movie and action figure industry, he is an iconic figure that is universally recognized. The Batman Arkham games played a huge role in my childhood gaming sessions with my Brother. From crying at the joker’s death, celebrating when finally collecting that one last Riddler trophy and screaming at the sight of Mister Freeze following your every move. I am reviewing the brilliant quadrilogy in a trip of nostalgia, hopefully more games will come after Warner Bros read my article!

Batman Arkham Asylum – 2009





The Playstation essential that started it all. The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and has freed all inmates, it is Batman’s to get past villains like Quinn, Ivy and Bane to stop your arch-nemesis the joker. After escaping the wrath of your worst fears, the danger of mother nature and effects of venom you reach the Joker, and he is about to surprise him. Injecting himself with Dr Young’s “Titan formula” he becomes a monster. Batman has to stop him before the Joker terrorises Gotham!


Review and Rating:



Brilliant Story, nice variety of levels and great moments to remember. Killer Croc and Scarecrow missions keeping me alert and a number of different skills were needed for me to advance further in the masterpiece.

“A true classic” – 8/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham City – 2011




One of the greatest games ever to be made. After the events of Arkham Asylum, A new project launched by Hugo Strange has been created…Arkham City. A city for criminals who can roam around freely, obviously Batman is on the case. The Joker is revealed to be sick from the Titan drug, and he merges his blood with Batman’s. Batman is looking for the cure and has to encounter nearly all of his rogue’s gallery. The story ultimately ends in many twists but the unexpected death, and non-revival, legitimate death of the greatest villain of all…The Joker!


Review and Rating:



Perfect Story, Perfect villains and levels and probably the best single player Playstation game of all time. Twists, heartbreaks and many, many jump scares (Mr Freeze!!!).

“A Perfect Masterpiece” – 10/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Origins – 2013




The origin story of the Arkham series. Set in the first years of Bruce Wayne becoming the Batman, the black mask has hired 8 assassins to take down the Gotham vigilante for a bounty. Batman defeats each assassin one after another, he ends up confronting the Black mask who is revealed to be the Joker, a criminal Batman has never crossed paths with!


Review and Rating:




Fun game with fantastic graphics, challenging levels that put your skills to the test and a great plotline to start up the Arkham Universe.

“Great game in our generation” – 7/10 – IzzyLFC


Batman Arkham Knight – 2015




The final installment of the memorable series. After the death of the crown price of crime himself, crime levels of Gotham decrease rapidly, however after Scarecrow releases the deadliest fear toxin yet, Gotham is forced to evacuate. Gotham city is left with criminals, metahumans, a mysterious figure going by the term “Arkham Knight” and the Batman to stop them. The story revolves around Batman finding his way to Scarecrow but keep finding this Arkham Knight character instead. After explaining his grudge, he is revealed to be Jason Todd, a former Robin. He ends up working with Batman as the Red hood (A character from the comics) to stop Scarecrow. In the end Bruce Wayne is revealed on live TV as the Batman and must activate the “Knightfall” protocol resulting in his demise, and the demise of the Dark knight.


Review and Rating:


Gripping storyline, best graphics at the time, new feature of accessorising the Batmobile and a great way to end the series.

“A near perfect way to end the Batman” – 9/10 – IzzyLFC

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The Top 10 Moments From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor Ragnarok is less than a month away! How exciting! I’m going to be looking at the top 10 MCU moments ever to hit the big screen…and by the way, no post-credit scenes will be included!


10. “The Hand” – Thor the Dark World



This scene was a true shocker and left us with our mouths wide open. It also showed the true brilliance of the character we all love to hate, Loki. After agreeing to work with Thor to face Malekith “The Accursed”, he supposedly betrays Thor by slicing his hand off. We are all screaming the word “typical” to Thor’s face and calling him gullible for trusting Loki the god of mischief, however what was to come was truly shocking. Loki reveals Thor’s hand was just hidden by his trickery and Thor summons Mjolnir just like that.

9. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!” – Doctor Strange



The scene we all remember from Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant performance as Doctor Strange. When Strange’s greatest foe makes a fantastic appearance, Stephen uses the powers of the time stone to basically annoy the hell out of Dormammu causing him to spare Earth in order to escape the eternal time loop. Memorable and hilarious.

8.”Is that the best you can do?” – Avengers Age of Ultron


A triumphant scene for the MCU, showcasing all the Avengers new and old destroying and dismantling Ultron bots around the Vibranium. It showed the true strength and teamwork of the Avengers ending with a typical statement by Thor…”Is that the best you can do”. Ultron responds with hundreds, if not thousands more Ultron bots.

7.”The Rainbow bridge” – Thor




Mixed feelings present for this moment occurring in one of the best MCU movies ever. Many things happen when Thor clashes with his mischievous brother Loki, and is forced to protect Earth by destroying the Bifrost. This causes Odin to wake from his sleep and attempt to save what’s rest of Loki. A sad ending with falling into the abyss…but that wasn’t the last we saw of him!

6.”We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy” – Guardians of The Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected blockbuster. Who would have thought that an 80’s space themed comedic action film would have been so charming? A central theme running through the MCU is the fate of the Infiniti Stones. Starlord and the Guardians risk it all by absorbing the Power Stone and destroy Ronan the accuser saving Xandar from destruction.

5.”Bucky?” – Captain America The Winter Soldier



In my opinion without doubt the greatest action film ever to be made. The second installment of Captain America was titled “The Winter Soldier” which sparked confusion within movie fans but pure excitement for comic book fans. A mysterious assassin to appears to have murdered Director of Shield Nick Fury. His mask is removed on the awesome battle of the highway and is revealed to be Cap’s best friend from his WWII days…Bucky! Steve Rodgers is shocked and caught off guard leading to his arrest at the hands of Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones.

4.”I am Iron Man” – Iron Man



The movie that launched the MCU. The origin story of how Tony Stark became Iron Man. This one scene describes billionaire Stark perfectly. Where most superheroes battle to keep their identity a secret, Stark’s (in)famous ego means that at a packed press conference he at first denies any involvement with Iron Man, but then stuns the world by declaring straight faced…”I am Iron Man”. And thus was born the MCU.

3.”I will bathe the star ways with your blood” – Guardians of the Galaxy


The first appearance in an actual movie for the big baddie of the NCU, Thanos!. He shows his true power by frightening the hell out of the feared Ronan. Thanos’ look is perfect and is plucked straight from the comic books. After dealing with Ronan like a naughty child, he leaves us with his signature bad boy grin!

2.”Avengers Assemble!” – The Avengers


Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrive by jet. Thor arrives with his magical hammer Mjolnir. The Hulk leaps his way to action. Finally, Iron man joins the team to face the Chitauri and the Levaiathons. The perfect scene for the Avengers to Aseemble!


1.”Underoos” – Captain America Civil War



One of my favourite MCU scenes! So much happens! Heroes go toe to toe in mortal battle. Marvel’s most iconic character makes his first ever appearance in the MCU…and it doesn’t disappoint! Spidey on Team Iron-Man against Cap’s Team…iconic!

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WWE – A Weekly Re-cap

This is a very short review on the highlights of last week’s amazing week in WWE.




The Miz and Roman Reigns have been feuding ever since the night after No Mercy. Roman came out to confront him, during some kind of Miz TV with the MizTourage. The Miz says, ” It’s only a rumour”. Referring to the Shield reuniting, Roman replies by saying, ” Don’t you say anything about rumours”. At that moment the crowd went wild, as Dean’s music hit he stood side by side. Suddenly the other half of the Tag Team Championship, came out as the Shield reunited. Ganging up like they used to, on each side of the ring the Shield took out the MizTourage, and the Miz by planting him with the famous Triple powerbomb. No that is not the only thing that happened on Raw. The Main Event, the match we had all been waiting for, the Cruiserweight Championship… Why? That’s what I thought, he’ll just retain it’s not a pay-per view. Kalisto then planted, a Salida Del Sol, off the top. To win… Kalisto won on his first match. Good job, I think he deserved it, for not winning a title like ever (except Nxt Tag Titles), he was the Champion of the Cruiserweights. I guess we won’t be seeing the King of the Cruiserweights, if you know he got fired, or left whatever.





Basically Sami Zayn, the biggest babyface on Smackdown (except for Cena) turned heel, and became best buds with Kevin Owens again. It was quite a good promo, he explained it by saying, ”Smackdown was the land of opportunity, and Shane didn’t give me an opportunity”, which is true. Sami’s a wasted talent. They could do some good use with this Sami heel thing, and servant of Kevin Owens. Then there was the U.S Championship, which was very good, but led to Corbin retaining the title he won at HIAC. That about wraps it up for Smackdown (I don’t care if I didn’t say LIVE!)

So there you have it. I’ll be posting again soon so check back here at www.geek-genie.com for all things WWE!

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Welcome back to the latest Weekly Wiz from our resident WWE expert Deggy! As well as the usual run down of Raw, Smackdown Live, latest news and rumors we’re also taking a spooky look at the WWE’s Top 5 Scariest Moments of all time…just in time for Halloween! 



Stephanie McMahon Returns after Raw being Under Siege


A week after Raw being Under Siege, Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of Raw, returned since WrestleMania 33. She returned to Raw to confront the General Manager, Kurt Angle who had been running the show independently since the night after WrestleMania 33. Generally, Kurt had been doing well, until the Raws’ major event, ‘Under Siege’. Stephanie was extremely angry, as Kurt let Smackdown Live attack, without being ready. She then forced Kurt Angle to be the team captain of Monday Night Raw, at Survivor Series, to prove himself worthy of his job as General Manager. It wouldn’t be the first time Raws’ General Manager had been fired.

Rating: 2-

Nia Jax vs Bayley – Winner joins Women’s Survivor Series Match


The team captain of the Women’s Survivor Series, Alicia Fox was set to take on Bayley, but as she’s captain she obviously skipped the match but replaced herself, with Nia Jax. Nia took a short hiatus, Bayley tried her best, but couldn’t overcome Nia. Nia has now been added to the Survivor Series Match Card.

Prediction: Bayley wins by a roll up.

Result: Nia Jax makes a quick work of Bayley.

Rating: 3-


Samoa Joe Returns


the ring for a mere 2 month hiatus, from SummerSlam during his Fatal-4 Way. To be quite honest, I generally forgot about him, and also thought he left the WWE. After a short promo, he took on Apollo Crews w/Titus O’Neil. Joe took out Apollo Crews by making him tap to Cocina Clutch. A good return for the Destroyer.

The Miz vs Matt Hardy – Intercontinental Championship

Kurt Angle set the Miz to an Intercontinental Championship Defense, to an unknown opponent. The opponent was Matt Hardy, as Jeff Hardy is suffering from a neck injury, it has stopped him from fighting in Tag Matches, but that doesn’t mean he can’t compete in singles competition. Matt did exceptionally well, in the last moments, Matt hit the Twist of Fate, however he wisely rolled out of the ring, and out of nowhere, he hit the Skull-Crushing Finale, to retain.

Prediction: The Miz retains the title

Result: The Miz retains the title

Rating: 2+


Kane attacks Smackdown Live General Manger Daniel Bryan


came to apologize and to tell Kurt Angle he had nothing to do with the attacks. While Daniel Bryan was in Kurts’ office, the lights went out and a few minutes later, Daniel said something was wrong, and all of a sudden, a hand clenched into Daniel’s neck, and Kane slammed him onto the ground with a vicious chokeslam. He was then stretchered out.

Rating: I don’t think it deserves a rating, but I’ll give it a 3+


Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James


returned. Also at TLC, Mickie James took on Bliss for the title, but failed in doing so. Mickie got her rematch on Raw, which was very good. But no-one has yet to win the title against Alexa Bliss.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss retains her title

Result: Alexa Bliss survives once again

Rating: 2-


Braun Strowman returns to take out the trash



After being demolished by The Miz, Kane and the Bar, Braun Strowman was put into a garbage truck. Now 2 weeks later he has returned, to ‘take out the trash’. He came back and destroyed the Miz, and his goons, The MizTourage. They all got powerslammed, but Axel through a table.

Rating: 2+

Don’t go anywhere, we got Smackdown too!



Shane McMahon announces himself Team Captain of Smackdown Live



The night after Daniel Bryan, was attacked by Kane on Raw, Shane addressed Kurt Angle and the Raw Team, on how they would beat the hell out of them. Shane then revealed himself as Team Captain, like last year.


Rating: 2-


Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler – 2 out of 3 Falls Match Winner is added to the Survivor Series Team


These 2 have had 2 matches, at Hell in a Cell, and Backlash, now they end it. Roode dominated for the first half, then Ziggler came back, and pummeled Bobby Roode. In the end, Ziggler was about to get Roode, but he countered and hit the Glorious DDT, to win the series.

Prediction: Bobby Roode picks up the win

Result: Bobby Roode wins the 3 Match Series

Rating: 1-

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens – Winner represents Team Smackdown at Survivor Series


Smackdown. The week before, Randy Orton faced Owens’ best friend, Sami Zayn. Orton came out victorious, and also stopped Zayn from disrupting this match, by slamming him onto the table. Nakamura then hit the Kinshasa, to be added to the team.

Prediction: Kevin Owens is added to the team

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats KO

Rating: 2+

And for the Halloween Special…


5– Kane sets fire to Jim Ross



In his fantastic career, Kane used to be the evilest villain in the WWE, and world wrestling. Not just in the ring, but also with his devilish mind games, he’d get into your head. During an interview, Kane was unleashed. Setting fire to JR. Although, he still appeared on the announce table, to commentate, for the next few years.

4– Undertaker throws Mankind of Hell in a Cell


Now we all know this horrific moment, in the WWE. When people think of near-death experiences, Mick Foley had thought of that happening, tons of times, but that still didn’t stop him from doing mental things. Foley was already known for being a risk taker, Taker grabbed Foley 20 feet high, and pushed him off through the announce table. You think that’s bad, after several minutes, Mankind made his way up the cage once again, and then got Chokeslammed through the steel, onto the ring. No wonder he has no teeth.

3 – Bray Wyatt’s choir


If you’re looking for a horror moment in the WWE’s history, choose this. While John Cena, and obviously Bray Wyatt were feuding, Wyatt as he always does, he gets into your head, mind games. That is one of his strongest attributes, outside the ring. The strange, weird things of Bray Wyatt, went onto a whole different level. As the children softly sang, ”He’s got the whole world, in his hands.” It creeped the living hell out of me.

2 – Papa Shango curses the Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior was a huge Fan Favourite, he was one of the most loved superstars in the WWE. Papa Shango, the witch doctor of the WWE, was definitely one of the creepiest WWE Superstars, because of this moment. When Shango placed a ‘curse’ on Warrior, it lead to him falling of the ring apron, and screaming in agony, clutching his stomach. While Warrior was screaming, Papa Shango was dancing, and doing some spooky ritual, as Ultimate Warrior went backstage, the medical staff had to check him.

1 – The Unholy Wedding


In 1999, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon, and attempted to make her his bride. Stephanie was tied down to a cross, with Paul Bearer having the honour of officiating the unholy wedding. Big Show and Ken Shamrock, desperately tried to save the boss’ daughter, but failed in doing so. Just as Taker was ready, Stone Cold came out to save Stephanie buy taking out Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

Be sure to stay tuned, to more spooks and creeps, at www.geek-genie.com!

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The Top 10 Graphic Novels of all Time!

By IzzyLFC

Comic book charachters are now more popular today than ever before, thanks to Film and TV as well as the comic industry’s best creators. However it all started with 20-page magazines starring iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Spiderman. I’m looking at the greatest graphic novels ever to be written. Do you agree?!


10. Crisis on Infinite Earths – Marv Wolfman




Probably DC comics’ biggest event ever, Marv Wolfman creates a masterpiece with Crisis. Featuring the first appearance of probably the most powerful villain ever, The Anti-Monitor, this 12-issue series was a crisis since two of DC’s most loved characters died protecting not only the world or even the universe but the multiverse. Both Supergirl and Flash die protecting the ones they love.

9. Blackest Night – Geoff Johns


One of my favourite writters Geoff Johns delivered probably the biggest and best Green Lantern storyline ever in 2009-10. When Hal Jordan returns from the dead, he brings death with him. A figure going by the Black hand is leading the living dead or Black lantern corps into destroying humanity. We see our favourite heroes and our most despised villains putting on rings to unite against a common threat.


8. Daredevil: The Man without Fear – Frank Miller


and respected writers in the comic book world created one of the great Daredevil stories. Explaining the origins and early life of Matt Murdock, Miller creates nothing short of a masterpiece.


7. The Killing Joke – Alan Moore

Alan Moore creates more of a Joker tale than a Batman tale. Aimed at mature audiences, this comic shows the gruesome and insane nature of the dark knight’s greatest foe. An iconic scene where Joker is dressed in a tourist outfit, he paralyzes Barbara Gordon, ending her run as Batgirl.


6. Civil War – Mark Miller


Now a Blockbuster MCU film, Civil War was definitely one of the great comic book events. Looking at the more realistic and political side of Superheroes, the Superhero Registration Act or “Sokovia accords” in the movie brings the superhero community in the cross-hairs of the law. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers represent to the two conflicting sides of the argument and suddenly the Marvel Universe is at war! One of the most iconic and impactful moments was the unmasking of Spider-Man as Peter Parker.


5. Flashpoint – Geoff Johns


probably the most impactful event in Barry Allen’s history. It also kickstarted DC’s New 52 and still reverberates through the DCU. When Barry travels back to save his Mother, he doesn’t realise the consequences of his actions and how they will affect the timeline. Thomas Wayne is now Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and Superman is a lab experiment. Trust me, you’ll finish this in one read!


4. The Infinity Gauntlet – Jim Starlin


Jim Starlin, the king of Marvel’s cosmic universe, creates probably Marvel’s biggest storyline ever. Avengers Infinity War, the MCU movie that everything has been leading up to is based on this. This story shows the true power of Thanos and the 6 Infinity gems. One of my favourites.


3. Watchmen – Alan Moore


Now starting to appear in DC rebirth comics, Watchmen is the first Comic that isn’t mainstream Marvel or DC on the list! Alan Moore creates another adult aimed story which is about a more realistic society and the kind of threats that superheroes face…and are! Watchmen is widely regarded as one of the greatest graphic novles ever!


2. The Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller


Expected first? Well first or not, TDKR is the greatest Batman story ever. Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman for many years, but returns to face the mutants, Joker, Superman as well as training a new, female Robin. Christopher Nolan’s TDKR is based on this and the Knighfall storyline. Batman at his best!


Old Man Logan – Mark Millar


As you can tell from the image, Mark Millar creates one of the goriest but greatest tales ever. Logan has quit being Wolverine in the future but gets back in the game with an opportunity to pay rent. Sadly, he isn’t on time and the landlords, AKA the Hulks have killed his family. He goes berserker mode and wipes out almost all of the Hulks family. A simple but memorable story, also now a blockbuster movie in “Logan” played by fan favourite Hugh Jackman.

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Stranger Things 2 Review

Geek Genie’s very own teenage geek IzzyLFC runs the rule over the Netflix smash hit, Stranger Things Season 2.

After the massive success of Stranger Things Season 1, which I binged watched in 2 nights, Netflix released the second season of this critically acclaimed series. And it did not disappoint, it was brilliant…or should I say terrifyingly brilliant!

Summary –

After Will returns from the upside down, he still has post-traumatic stress and sees a humongous shadow figure in the upside down. Eleven is alive and living with Hopper in secret, she also finds out more about her past. Mike, Lucas and Dustin find a new member for their crew called Max and Nancy, Steve and Jonathan have to go Demogorgon hunting once again.


Positives –

  • Characters are more likeable such as Steve and Bob Newby
  • A new and scarier Monster or Monsters
  • Sub-plots in the show, for example how Eleven and Will’s lives are completely different from each others

Negatives –

  • Eleven and her time with Eight was a whole episode long
  • Eleven has to save the day once again
  • At times repetitive


My Review and Rating

Other than the death of my favourite character Bob, the show was brilliant and kept me at the edge of my seat. Eleven’s past, The Demodogs in the underground tunnels and the party’s new member Max kept my interest levels high. Characters such as Steve who I and most people hated in season 1 had become a lot more likeable and the show balances 80’s themes, teen life, comedy with thrills and lots and lots of jump scares.


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The Indie Index is expanding

The Indie Index has been swamped with reviews, interviews and Kickstarter campaigns since the very first day of the announcement.

Up until now, The Indie Index was a one-person project headed by myself, Mike Speakman. It’s time to expand the ranks as I don’t have the time available for all of the incoming requests that I’ve been receiving. That being said, The Indie Index will move forward with the assistance of various contributors along the way.

The first of the new contributors are Aaron Magnuson and Steven Randall. They are each reviewing projects and will be published here through The Indie Index. Keep an eye out for their articles over the next few days.

I look forward to bringing more and more contributors onboard as time progresses.

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The Indie Index – Review – Hail #6-7

Hail issue 6 & 7 has successfully been funded on Kickstarter. And they have delivered. If you’re not familiar with Hail, do yourself a favour and go buy the previous issues.

Hail follows Lena, an aspiring lawyer who turns to glass when anxiety strikes. She learns to work through her anxieties and turn it into a strength to help those in need.

With so many superhero comics being released, it’s easier for readers to get superhero fatigue. That’s why Hail is so refreshing. It’s a story that has an honest insight into someone dealing with anxieties and depression. Lena is high functioning; she is successful at her work as an aspiring lawyer and is learning to control her powers. However, she is still overwhelmed by the daily aspects of life and battles her depression internally while battling the villains in the streets and on the rooftops.

Issues 6 and 7 are the strongest yet in the series. Richardson’s writing is fluid and well-paced. The character dynamics and dialogue are like a pair of well-worn slippers, comfortable and familiar. From Issue 1, Lena and her supporting cast have never felt stiff. I found myself smiling and chuckling as I enjoyed the company of Lena and her friends while they bantered and interacted.

Lam’s artwork, with her supporting art team, is at its most consistent in the series. Lam’s detail to character expressions evoke their nuances and emotions without dialogue. Lam also has the arduous task of conceptualising a character who turns to glass. I applaud her and her art team for achieving this. The line work of Lena in her glass form is detailed and creates a seamless look whilst also making her feel grounded in the world they’ve created.

Issue 7 brings to close the first arc of Hail’s confrontation with the serial killer, the Shepard. It packs in so much more for future issues, including a violent unknown vigilante, the revelation of a friend’s secret, and how the outcome of her battle with the Shepard will affect her future.

This is an Australian superhero comic leading from the front. Go get it.

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