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I'm the Super Genie blogger for this site. That basically means nothing gets passed me without my authenication. So, if you think you can get one passed me, you've got another thing coming!

Check out all my blog posts for this site. I'm sure you're going to enjoy the reading and don't foget to comment!


WIN Thor Ragnarok!

The home cinema release of Thor Ragnarok is just around the corner and Geek Genie has teamed up with streaming service VUDU to bring you free digital downloads of Marvel's smash hit featuring everyones favourite god of thunder! All you have to do to enter is register on our website (look at the top right of this page where it says "Register") and that's it! You'll be entered in our draw with winners recieving their digital codes by 25th February, 2018. Odin's Beard! Winners will be able to redeem their codes anytime by going to the Vudu website www.vudu.com/vuducodes . So what are you waiting for? Pick up your hammer and register on this website now!                          Terms and conditions apply.   Codes can be redeemed at  www.vudu.com/vuducodes  at any time. A credit card may be required to complete...
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Manuel Vallellanes
Sweet contest! Hope to win!
Saturday, 17 February 2018 00:42
Super Geek Genie
Good luck!
Sunday, 18 February 2018 08:26
Jim scott
Great contest! Fingers crossed to win one!
Sunday, 18 February 2018 03:33
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Join VUDU For Thor Ragnarok Viewing Party and Win Prizes!

email double skinny VP Thor
Greetings! We at Vudu are assembling a team of the very best Marvel fans the World Wide Web has to offer. We’re reaching out in hopes that you, the fans, can help us blow out the digital release of Thor: Ragnarok . The newest entry in the MCU puts the hammer down on Vudu on 2/20 . On that date we will not only be offering instant streaming access to the movie in HD, but also 4K UHD! We are inviting you, the very best Marvel fans, to our #VuduViewingParty on 2/23 . During this event, Vudu fans and Marvel fans alike will be syncing their screenings of Thor: Ragnarok and engaging in online banter, reactions and trivia contests for the duration of the movie. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. We’ve broken into Odin’s Vault and curated a selection of prizes that is...
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Lost Siegel and Shuster Superman Story to Be Published

Lost Siegel and Shuster Superman Story to Be Published In New  Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman  Hardcover Book Special Collection of Superman Stories and Essays is Part of DC’s Star-Studded  ACTION COMICS #1000 Celebration Edited by Paul Levitz with a New Jim Lee Cover and an All-Star Talent Line-up Including Laura Siegel Larson, Jules Feiffer, Gene Luen Yang, Al Plastino, Otto Binder, Curt Swan, Marv Wolfman, John Byrne, Dick Giordano, Grant Morrison, Len Wein, Carmine Infantino and More! A new hardcover book, ACTION COMICS #1000: 80 YEARS OF SUPERMAN, is being published by DC Entertainment as part of its celebration of the one-thousandth issue of ACTION COMICS—the longest continually published comic book of its kind in history, the series that introduced Superman to the world and the title that launched the superhero genre. The collection features a series of essays and iconic Superman stories edited by former DC Publisher...
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Interview with INFIDEL Creators Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell

March 2018 sees the release of the hugely anticipated horror story INFIDEL published by Image Comics. We caught up with creators Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell to discuss love, race, Islamophobia and things that go bump in the night! GG: Before we talk about your latest project, can you tell us about your backgrounds? How did you guys break into comic books? Pornsak: I pretty much fell ass-backwards into comics. At the time, I was a writer / filmmaker freelancing on NYC indy film sets with no intention of working a 9-to-5 when I heard about an opening at Vertigo Comics, working as Karen Berger’s assistant editor. I only took the interview so I could say I met Karen, since I was such a big fan of hers and Vertigo. I honestly wasn’t really interested in the job. I just wanted to keep freelancing on film sets and eventually become a...
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Rok of The Reds - Interview With John Wagner

rok of the reds 6 0
Geek Genie caught up with legendary comic book creator John Wagner to talk about the 2018 slated sequal to "Rok of The Reds". Get ready for aliens, action and football!    GG : For those who didn’t pick up the first series, can you tell our audience a bit about Rok of the Reds? JW: To escape galactic assassins, mighty alien shape-changer Rok of the Arkadii flees to the far reaches of the galaxy – the planet Earth - where to conceal himself he assumes the identity of the first human he encounters – bad boy footballer Kyle Dixon.   In this identity Rok develops a deep fascination with the game – a fascination that may end in death as his pursuers are hot on his tail. GG: There’s a long tradition of football themed comic books that came out of the UK. Do you see this as a continuation of that tradition?...
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Paradiso1 p6 2x3 300
  With the forthcoming release of Image Comics' "Paradiso", Geek Genie caught up with rising creative star Ram Venkatesan to get the low down on this eagerly anticipated release.   Can you introduce yourself and the rest of your creative team? Sure! I'm Ram Venkatesan. I've been writing comics as 'Ram V' since 2012. I started off by writing an ongoing series called Aghori, back in India. I self-published a graphic novel called Black Mumba in 2015 after moving to the UK. I also occasionally write prose short stories which have appeared in anthologies and e-publications. My most recent projects are the upciming Grafity's Wall with Unbound and PARADISO of course, with Image Comics. Dev's a long time collaborator of mine. He's a self taught artist from India who's been in love with the medium as long as he can remember. Dev's work has appeared in comics by Graphic India,...
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The Greatest Comic Book Covers #1 - Action Comics #1

Geek Genie kicks off its new regular series looking at the Greatest Comic Book Covers with the one that started it all...Action Comics #1!.   It's an iconic image for an iconic figure. Superman crashed through the front cover of Action Comics #1 in June 1938 and forever changed the comic book landscape. It ushered in the age of the superhero and laid the foundations of a pop-culture war between DC Comics and eventual rival Marvel Comics .  Joe Schuster's iconic cover captured the sense of wonder, awe and terror as a yet unknown Superman delivers a fantastic display of power. The sheer rawness of the cover, with no words or text other than the cover title, added to its power. Even the title, Action Comics , leaped from the page in a new, bold and exciting style that has now become synonomous with the character.        ...
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David Laufuente 1
SEVENTH  WAVE OF GUESTS AND EXHIBITORS FOR MALTA COMIC CON 2017 ANNOUNCED AS PHASE 2 TICKETS SELL OUT! (Your Home, Your Place to Shine!) November 20 th 2017, Malta   Wicked Comics are proud to announce that guests David Laufente , Neil Gibson , Joanne M. Harris , Alessandro Vitti , Dinos Kapsalas , Jenika Ioffreda and David Morris as well as exhibitors Ayrton Zammit , Audrienne Degiorgio , Stefan Ciantar , Naomi Montanaro Delia , Fantasy Showgirls , Furban Malti and William Calleja will be joining the previously announced guest and exhibitors amongst the highlights of Malta Comic Convention (MCC) 2017. The 9 th edition of the Malta Comic Con (MCC) will be held on Saturday 2 rd December (10am-6pm) and Sunday 3 rd December (11am-7pm) 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta. David Lafuente David Lafuente is a Spanish comic book artist known for his work on books...
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With the highly anticipated release of Void Trip imminent, Geek Genie caught up with the creative team behind the series, Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus.   GG: Can you tell us a bit about your background, how did you guys break into the comics industry and what other work have you done?   RYAN Plaid Klaus and I broke in together as it happens, working on the webcomic-cum-graphic-novel TURNCOAT. That was back in 2016. Was so much fun working on that one together. We broke all the rules with it. They always say make your first comic a small thing, you know, just a little thing to show you can do it. We made it 164 pages. Plus it was superheroes. It was glorious. Since then I’ve mostly done licensed comic work, such as Eisenhorn for Games workshop, and Warhammer 40,000 and The Evil Within for Titan Comics. I’ve not...
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"The Greatest Comic Book Covers" Series Preview

icons8 facebook
Geek Genie launches a regular series looking at the greatest comic covers of all time! Which one is your favourite? Scanning the rows and rows of comic books on offer at your local comic book store, what's the first thing that grabs your attention? Chances are that the cover of the book will go a long way in determining whether or not you're going to give this book a shot. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is sound advice in general and even with comic books. But maybe more than any other medium, the cover in the case of comic books is often an integral part of the overall value (creative as well as monetary) worth of the book.  Comics are there to be read, but they're also there to be looked at and admired. It's a literary and visual medium and there are hundreds, maybe thousands of artists...
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Malta Braced For Comic Con!

comic con 202439 c07bc
FIFTH WAVE OF GUESTS AND EXHIBITORS FOR MALTA COMIC CON 2017 ANNOUNCED AND OFFICIAL POSTER UNVEILED! (Your Home, Your Place to Shine!) November 10 th 2017, Malta   Wicked Comics are proud to announce that guests Dani , Michael Dialynas , Nigel Twumasi (mayamada) , Phil Elliot , Samuela Cannata (Umas Lady ) and Valentin Secher as well as exhibitors Dejan Kostic , Joseph Bugeja , Marianne Scicluna Lauri , Jean Luc Portelli , Peter Magro , Ivan Mallia , Marianne Galea and Toy Town Collectables will be joining the previously announced guest and exhibitors amongst the highlights of Malta Comic Convention (MCC) 2017. Wicked Comics are also proud to unveil the official poster for this year’s event magnificently designed by guest creator Dani and edited by Wicked Comics’ Kenneth Micallef. The 9 th edition of the Malta Comic Con (MCC) will be held on Saturday 2 rd December (10am-6pm)...
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Comic Con arrives in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh’s first Comic Con arrives this November Panache Middle East and Events Oasis is bringing to Riyadh the first edition of popular culture convention, Comic Con Arabia from 23 rd - 25 th of November at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. Sponsored by Rani, this three-day multigenre celebration will provide spectators with the exclusive opportunity to meet Game of Thrones and Justice League star, Jason Momoa , Heroes star, Greg Grunberg , Kuwaiti Comedians Sultan Al Faraj and Mubarak Al Manea, regional rap legend Qusai and many more. Comic Con Arabia’s audience will be entertained with an eclectic selection of activities including two cosplay competitions, challenging eSports tournaments, food from a delicious medley of food-trucks, and shop for some exclusive collectibles inspired by the exhilarating world of anime, manga, graphic novels, video games, toys, TV shows and films. The event will be hosted by popular MCs Baraa Abdulla...
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Indie Comic Con Hits Melbourne

THE EVENT Indie Comic Con, Melbourne’s newest comic book festival celebrating local and independent comic creators. Saturday 4th November 2017, Northcote Town Hall.   OUR STORY The concept of Indie Comic Con was born when two Melbourne comic artists missed out on a spot at a major comic convention in their own city. Not for lack of great comics, but rather that exhibition space was dedicated largely to fan art and merchandise instead. If a comic book creator couldn’t get a table at a comic convention, where could they exhibit? Recognising that exhibition opportunities for independent comic creators are limited in Australia, Nathan Onias launched Indie Comic Con as a platform for independent creators to share their work with a broad audience. Indie Comic Con is dedicated to providing a market for independent Australian creators and promoting interest in the craft of sequential art. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Indie...
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The Top 10 Moments From The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Thor Ragnarok is less than a month away! How exciting! I'm going to be looking at the top 10 MCU moments ever to hit the big screen...and by the way, no post-credit scenes will be included!


10. "The Hand" - Thor the Dark World


This scene was a true shocker and left us with our mouths wide open. It also showed the true brilliance of the character we all love to hate, Loki. After agreeing to work with Thor to face Malekith "The Accursed", he supposedly betrays Thor by slicing his hand off. We are all screaming the word "typical" to Thor's face and calling him gullible for trusting Loki the god of mischief, however what was to come was truly shocking. Loki reveals Thor's hand was just hidden by his trickery and Thor summons Mjolnir just like that.

9. "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!" - Doctor Strange


















The scene we all remember from Benedict Cumberbatch's brilliant performance as Doctor Strange. When Strange's greatest foe makes a fantastic appearance, Stephen uses the powers of the time stone to basically annoy the hell out of Dormammu causing him to spare Earth in order to escape the eternal time loop. Memorable and hilarious.

8."Is that the best you can do?" - Avengers Age of Ultron

avengers age of ultron concept poster 578x299 2











A triumphant scene for the MCU, showcasing all the Avengers new and old destroying and dismantling Ultron bots around the Vibranium. It showed the true strength and teamwork of the Avengers ending with a typical statement by Thor..."Is that the best you can do". Ultron responds with hundreds, if not thousands more Ultron bots.

7."The Rainbow bridge" - Thor

thor had to destroy the bifrost or rainbow bridge in order to stop lokis powers from destroying the helpless frost giants

Mixed feelings present for this moment occurring in one of the best MCU movies ever. Many things happen when Thor clashes with his mischievous brother Loki, and is forced to protect Earth by destroying the Bifrost. This causes Odin to wake from his sleep and attempt to save what's rest of Loki. A sad ending with falling into the abyss...but that wasn't the last we saw of him!

6."We're the Guardians of the Galaxy" - Guardians of The Galaxy



















Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected blockbuster. Who would have thought that an 80's space themed comedic action film would have been so charming? A central theme running through the MCU is the fate of the Infiniti Stones. Starlord and the Guardians risk it all by absorbing the Power Stone and destroy Ronan the accuser saving Xandar from destruction.

5."Bucky?" - Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America The Winter Soldier 2014

In my opinion without doubt the greatest action film ever to be made. The second installment of Captain America was titled "The Winter Soldier" which sparked confusion within movie fans but pure excitement for comic book fans. A mysterious assassin to appears to have murdered Director of Shield Nick Fury. His mask is removed on the awesome battle of the highway and is revealed to be Cap's best friend from his WWII days...Bucky! Steve Rodgers is shocked and caught off guard leading to his arrest at the hands of Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones.

4."I am Iron Man" - Iron Man

maxresdefault 2

The movie that launched the MCU. The origin story of how Tony Stark became Iron Man. This one scene describes billionaire Stark perfectly. Where most superheroes battle to keep their identity a secret, Stark's (in)famous ego means that at a packed press conference he at first denies any involvement with Iron Man, but then stuns the world by declaring straight faced..."I am Iron Man". And thus was born the MCU.

3."I will bathe the star ways with your blood" - Guardians of the Galaxy

ronan ship

The first appearance in an actual movie for the big baddie of the NCU, Thanos!. He shows his true power by frightening the hell out of the feared Ronan. Thanos' look is perfect and is plucked straight from the comic books. After dealing with Ronan like a naughty child, he leaves us with his signature bad boy grin!

2."Avengers Assemble!" - The Avengers

the avengers marvel studios


Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrive by jet. Thor arrives with his magical hammer Mjolnir. The Hulk leaps his way to action. Finally, Iron man joins the team to face the Chitauri and the Levaiathons. The perfect scene for the Avengers to Aseemble!









1."Underoos" - Captain America Civil War



One of my favourite MCU scenes! So much happens! Heroes go toe to toe in mortal battle. Marvel's most iconic character makes his first ever appearance in the MCU...and it doesn't disappoint! Spidey on Team Iron-Man against Cap's Team...iconic!

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DC Celebrates the Big Screen Release of JUSTICE LEAGUE with Special JUSTICE Variant Covers in November!

DC Celebrates the Big Screen Release of JUSTICE LEAGUE with Special JUSTICE Variant Covers in November!
Batman34 JL Variant 59cd1e96d740b2.01462310
      As the world awaits the big screen debut of “Justice League,” DC is getting in on the action with a special collection of variant covers inspired by the forthcoming film! Illustrated by the some of the comic industry’s most acclaimed artists, these variant covers showcase DC’s iconic Super Hero team in the likeness of their big screen counterparts. Fans are getting their first look today at variant covers available on the November editions of flagship DC titles featuring members of the famed Justice League. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY  first debuted the special variant covers for BATMAN #34 by Tony S. Daniel and CYBORG #18 by Dustin Nguyen – both go on sale Nov. 1.                                       NERDIST  joined in by revealing the special variants for ACTION COMICS #991 by Yanick Paquette (on...
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Undisputed - PES 2018 kicks FIFA 18 into touch

Undisputed - PES 2018 kicks FIFA 18 into touch
maxresdefault 12 600x338
The biggest battle in football kicks off as Konami and EA do battle for gaming supremacy.  The eternal battle between Konami and EA over who can best bring to gamers the "beautiful game" brings us the 2018 versions of their respective franchises.                        EA has reigned supreme since 2008 with it's innovation in game modes, simulation game play and a lockdown on most official licenses. But 2016 marked the release of what many considered as the best ever football game. Sadly for EA, it was Konami's PES 2016 .            Pro Evolution Soccer was undisputed king of the football gaming world with a series of breathtaking releases from 2000 up until about 2008, when it's crowned started to slip and was eventually knocked off and stolen by EA and its juggernaut franchise FIFA . But ever...
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Cruise to Launch Universal Monster-verse with The Mummy

Cruise to Launch Universal Monster-verse with The Mummy
Tom Cruise
Universal Pictures will finally get their wish with a shared universe for their iconic monsters and it all kicks off this summer.   It's been a long time coming and quite a few false dawns, but Universal Pictures will finally get their wish. This summer will see the launch of their very own "monster-verse" with the release of The Mummy. Briging all the Universal monsters together in a shared universe has often been seen as a mission impossible, so surely if anyone was going to lead a successful charge for Universal it would be Tom Cruise.  Cruise will play Nick Morton and will be a pivotal character in the universe moving forward. The story is set in the present day, a departure from the traditional period setting for most Mummy iterations.                     The Mummy will also introduce audiences to Dr.Jekyll played...
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3 New Netflix Series to Watch out for in 2017

3 New Netflix Series to Watch out for in 2017
1486106920 marvels iron fist
The Marvel Cinematic Universe will take Netflix viewers to previously unchartered territories. Geek Genie takes a look at what fans have in store for 2017.  It's been a great 21st Century so far for fans of the superhero genre. Marvel and DC have taken their comic book war onto the silver screen. But many a skirmish has taken place on the small screen with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham going toe to toe with Agents of SHIElLD, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  As we get into the meat and bones of 2017, Marvel Studios is building on its relationship with Netflix to bring more of its characters to home audiences.  Iron Fist Everybody was kung fu fighting! Well they will be in what will surely be a kick-ass introduction to the MCU for Marvel's resident Kung Fu master, Danny Rand. Expect shoalin shenanigans mixed with...
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Jason Powell Talks Chris Claremont's X-Men

Jason Powell Talks Chris Claremont's X-Men
1471839235uncannyx men94
Geek Genie caught up with author Jason Powell on the release of his book "The Best There is at What He does - Examining Chris Claremont's X-Men" released by Sequart.   GG: Hi Jason. Congratulations on the release of your book! What made you want to write a book specifically about the Claremont run in X-Men? JP: Well I guess that my love of the X-Men is really tied to that particular run by Chris Claremont. I was lucky enough to be given a collection of comic books from my Uncle which had a good mix of Marvel comics (although he refused to give up his Spidey books!). I discovered the X-Men at the same time that the X-Men cartoon series was also taking off and so I really wanted to find out more about these chracters.   GG: Claremont's run is legendary for its soap opera and length of...
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Harris & Hutchison Deliver A Bohemian Rhapsody With Launch Of "Rockstars"

Harris & Hutchison Deliver A Bohemian Rhapsody With Launch Of "Rockstars"
It's Led Zeppelin meets The X-Files as writer Joe Harris and artist Megan Hutchison talk about their forthcoming Image Comics series "Rockstars". Strap in for a Rock 'n' Roll mystery tour like no other!   GG: Congratulations on what looks like an awesome new series! Joe, tell us a bit about "Rockstars". What is the series about? JH: It's a rock 'n' roll supernatural thriller; a love letter to the music I adore, and an exploration into what's hidden behind the music.  It follows two young investigators named Jackie and Dorothy (along with Skydog, Jackie's cat) as they try to get to the bottom of unsolved, even previously unknown, mysteries related to rock history both known and secreted away. GG: How did you come up with the idea of Rockstars? Is this Led Zep meets X-Files? JH: That's sounds about right! I've been saying "Almost Famous meets Supernatural," but I think...
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