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November's Nerdy Gift Guide

November's Nerdy Gift Guide
  As you may know, the holiday season is just around the corner! So, if you're stressing over what to get that special nerd in your life, then stress no more. Here's a list of AFFORDABLE gift ideas for all your nerdy needs. Comic books, fantasy, science, tech, sci-fi, gaming, anime/manga, horror and everything in between. So here we go, November's Nerdy Gift Guide, Holiday Edition! 14. FreezerBoyâ„¢ Dry Erase Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets:                                                                                   Make your refrigerator look like your favorite 80's handheld console with the FreezerBoy magnet set! Available for fridges of all sizes, this magnet set transforms your kitchen into a vintage geek shrine. Give a few taps on...
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