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The Road To Avengers Infinity War


With the Avengers Infinity War trailer now hitting over 100 million views already, the excitement is already building for what is likely to be the biggest ever Marvel Studios movie to date. Let's take a look at what to expect...


The Fox Universe












With Disney buying out 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios now has its full roster of characters to play with. Could Infinity War reset the universe introducing characters such as Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Apocalypse and even Galactus?


The TV Universe


The Marvel Netflix Universe and Agents of Shield do exist in the same universe, however will they make an appearance in Infinity War? It's unlikely but it would be awesome to see The Defenders and the Agents of Shield on the big screen.


Avengers 4?


Avengers 4 was meant to be Infinity War part 2 however it was changed to an untitled Avengers film, likely to be the New Avengers probably with all the death happening and the introduction of the Fox characters.


The 6th Infinity Stone

thanos infinity gauntlet

One last Infinity Stone has not been introduced yet, the Soul stone! However it is likely to be in Wakanda as the Black Panther movie comes out before Infinity War and most of the fighting in the trailer is set in Wakanda. There were theories that Heimdall or Adam Warlock possesed the stone, however they were ruled out with Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


Will Thor keep the new look?


In Thor Ragnarok, Thor loses his hammer, hair and even his eye! Will this new look stay in Infinity War? The eye patch will stay unless he goes fighting with a hole next to his other eye! He could grow back his hair and it seems he is forging a new Mjolnir in the trailer.


Who will die? And will we see Death?


Someone has to die! Whether its Captain America or Iron Man, an important figure will likely meet his maker during Infinity War. It could even be Nick Fury! But who will be responsible? Thanos? Or the object of his obesession...Lady Death! 

Avengers Infinity War will be the biggest MCU movie, or any movie, ever! All the infinity stones and the big bad Thanos will be facing Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Watch out DC, 2018 could spell your Doom!

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Monday, 19 March 2018
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