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Catching Up with Voice Actor Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert
This past March, I headed over to Jacksonville Collective Con to cover the event for my YouTube Channel. At the Con, I was able to conduct some really neat interviews with some of the guests they had. However, there was one guest that really stood out going into this event - that was none other than famous Voice Actor Kyle Hebert. Being such a fan of his work on Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, let’s just say I was really hoping to speak with him. To my luck, I had the opportunity to speak with Kyle about his extensive career in Professional Voice Acting. Here is an overview of some of the topics we were able to discuss in this interview. Do all the voices come naturally to you? Kyle’s resume and the amount of character voices he’s done over the years is through the roof. With each different character’s...
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How one Marvel Punisher Actor had his dream become a reality

nathanson-and-rose revah

BlogPost Michael Nathanson Cover Photo
Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Boronski. For those that do not know me, I am a YouTube Video Reporter. What that means is I interview Celebrities (Actors, YouTubers, Athletes, etc.) for my YouTube Channel “Tbautos512”. Geek Genie has offered me a platform to write guest blog spots relating to the content from my interviews. I look forward to sharing their stories and the information I learn from my Pop Culture guests through Geek Genie. The last few years, Marvel and Netflix have been knocking it out of the ballpark with their television series. An integral part of the success of these shows has been the consistency of quality characters. Fans have fallen in love with these Marvel characters, whether they are a main or recurring member of the cast. The same fan love reception is true for The Punisher’s “Sam Stein” (portrayed by Michael Nathanson). Sam Stein was Agent...
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