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The Indie Index - News - Freak Weather Conditions Forces Dunfermline Comic Con Cancellation

The Indie Index - News - Freak Weather Conditions Forces Dunfermline Comic Con Cancellation
Extreme weather conditions and concern for public safety has forced the cancellation of Dunfermline Comic Con, in Scotland. The park, which was serving as venue to the event, was deemed unsafe and that even a dramatic change in weather would not allow enough time to make things safe.   Little Shop of Heroes, organisers of Dunfermline Comic Con, have posted an announcement via social media platforms: The statement says: "It is with an extremely heavy heart that we have to inform you that  Dunfermline Comic Con  this weekend has been cancelled. At 11:30 this morning the parks department assessed Pittencrieff Park and deemed it as unsafe for the public. Furthermore with the priorities for roads and paths elsewhere even a dramatic change in the weather will not allow for them to make it safe in time. Dunfermline Comic-Con is a family event, and this occasion and the Books For Schools...
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The Indie Index is expanding

The Indie Index has been swamped with reviews, interviews and Kickstarter campaigns since the very first day of the announcement. Up until now, The Indie Index was a one-person project headed by myself, Mike Speakman. It's time to expand the ranks as I don't have the time available for all of the incoming requests that I've been receiving. That being said, The Indie Index will move forward with the assistance of various contributors along the way.  The first of the new contributors are Aaron Magnuson and Steven Randall. They are each reviewing projects and will be published here through The Indie Index. Keep an eye out for their articles over the next few days.  I look forward to bringing more and more contributors onboard as time progresses. 
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