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Thor Ragnarok Winners Announced!

With the release of Thor Raganarok, Geek Genie teamed up with ace streaming service VUDU to offer our members a chance to win free digital downloads of one of the MCU's greatest ever movies! That's right, we have 11 lucky winners that will get Thor: Ragnarok digital downloads! This is no trick from the god of mischeif, Loki. Here are our winners...   Manuel Vallellaries Jim Scott Chris Poirier Kim Anne Licht Jonathan (Megajohn) Chad Daubenmire Terry (TerryLaing) Thomas Hathaway Margaret Rushton Fajr Lodhi Sam Heine   Congratulations to our winners! Stay tuned to www.geek-genie.com  for great content on all things pop-culture! Winners will be emailed their winning digital codes shortly.  
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Congratulations to all of the winners!... Read More
Monday, 26 February 2018 04:25
Super Geek Genie
Congratulations Kim! It's Odin you should thank
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:33
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Ranking All 18 MCU Movies. Which is best?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been Hollywood's most successful movie studio since the release of The Avengers and has revolutionised modern filmmaking. After the recent release of Marvel's Black Panther and with the anticipated release of Avengers Infinity War, I have decided to make a king sized special on the MCU movies, ranking all the movies from 18 right through to number 1!   18. "The Incredible Hulk" (2008)   The main reason The Incredible Hulk is in the dreaded 18 th position on my list is because we can all agree that it was forgettable. It may have a been a decent movie at the time but after the casting change no-one remembers Edward Norton as The Hulk. Will we, however see a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie? That most definitely won't be forgettable! 17. "Iron Man 2" (2010)   Iron Man 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed...
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How one Marvel Punisher Actor had his dream become a reality

nathanson-and-rose revah

BlogPost Michael Nathanson Cover Photo
Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Boronski. For those that do not know me, I am a YouTube Video Reporter. What that means is I interview Celebrities (Actors, YouTubers, Athletes, etc.) for my YouTube Channel “Tbautos512”. Geek Genie has offered me a platform to write guest blog spots relating to the content from my interviews. I look forward to sharing their stories and the information I learn from my Pop Culture guests through Geek Genie. The last few years, Marvel and Netflix have been knocking it out of the ballpark with their television series. An integral part of the success of these shows has been the consistency of quality characters. Fans have fallen in love with these Marvel characters, whether they are a main or recurring member of the cast. The same fan love reception is true for The Punisher’s “Sam Stein” (portrayed by Michael Nathanson). Sam Stein was Agent...
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The Road To Avengers Infinity War

With the Avengers Infinity War trailer now hitting over 100 million views already, the excitement is already building for what is likely to be the biggest ever Marvel Studios movie to date. Let's take a look at what to expect...   The Fox Universe                     With Disney buying out 20 th Century Fox, Marvel Studios now has its full roster of characters to play with. Could Infinity War reset the universe introducing characters such as Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Apocalypse and even Galactus?   The TV Universe The Marvel Netflix Universe and Agents of Shield do exist in the same universe, however will they make an appearance in Infinity War ? It's unlikely but it would be awesome to see The Defenders and the Agents of Shield on the big screen.   Avengers 4? Avengers 4 was meant to be Infinity War...
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Abid ullah
Well I was wondering about the star cast of Avengers Infinity war and I found all the star cast here. https://filmsfocus.com/2018/... Read More
Thursday, 29 March 2018 12:20
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3 New Netflix Series to Watch out for in 2017

3 New Netflix Series to Watch out for in 2017
1486106920 marvels iron fist
The Marvel Cinematic Universe will take Netflix viewers to previously unchartered territories. Geek Genie takes a look at what fans have in store for 2017.  It's been a great 21st Century so far for fans of the superhero genre. Marvel and DC have taken their comic book war onto the silver screen. But many a skirmish has taken place on the small screen with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham going toe to toe with Agents of SHIElLD, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  As we get into the meat and bones of 2017, Marvel Studios is building on its relationship with Netflix to bring more of its characters to home audiences.  Iron Fist Everybody was kung fu fighting! Well they will be in what will surely be a kick-ass introduction to the MCU for Marvel's resident Kung Fu master, Danny Rand. Expect shoalin shenanigans mixed with...
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Don Heck - A Tribute

Don Heck - A Tribute
I grew up in a small town, and while not quite as small as the fictional “Mayberry” of Andy Griffith fame… one of the main hangouts of my dad and his pals was the Barber Shop. It was called “Harry’s”, and if not for a small wicker basket tucked into a corner, it would have been the last place in the world I’d have liked to hang out. Now don’t get me wrong, my father and his cronies did have some funny stories to tell about glory days, but you can only get a kick out of them so many times before you’re relegated to a polite smile. Though that corner was polluted with age old hair clippings never swept up… it was my salvation. The wicker basket had all sorts of literature inside. Time, Look, Life, years old local papers, and the like. Nothing for a curious little boy...
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Raimi's Spider-Man - A Look Back After "Homecoming"

Raimi's Spider-Man - A Look Back After "Homecoming"
With the introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the recent box office hit  Homecoming , Geek Genie takes a wistful look back at Sam Raimi's original trilogy of movies in the naughties...starting with  Spider-Man . When a young teenager by the name of Tom Holland appeared in Captain America: Civil War , it was the first time a teenager was depicting a teenage Spider-Man. Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and long before him Nicolas Hammond, were all mid to late twenties when they were web spinning so most of fandom were happy that Spider-Man was truly returning to his roots with a physical depiction of Spider-Man more true to the original character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. So how does the Maguire Spider-Man now fit into the cinematic mythos? In terms of continuity, it doesn't exist as Marvel only recently reached an agreement with Sony to...
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