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Fallen Idols "Grand Designs of a protagonist building"

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  I almost didn't make a post last week as I thought I might be cluttering up the website with blog posts. Obviously I changed my mind, but I'm thinking of making these posts fortnightly, let me know what you think. This weeks content: -work in progress, "Grand Designs of a protagonist building" -"how to write a comic part 3: story planning WORK IN PROGRESS "Grand Designs of a protagonist building": So onto page 4, had some distractions in the form of commissioned work to help a guy with his job application. but in the spare time I had managed to create this image: (still a work in progress, but definitely getting there)   This is a manner house which is going to feature a lot in the comic book, I had to decide very carefully how this was going to look as I'd be drawing this room a lot. it would...
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Fallen Idols: "How to advertise where it's not allowed".

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So a week has past, time for another blog. I'm not sure how long i'll be posting weekly... we can only find out together. this weeks blog includes: -Weekly update on the comic im working on -A story about a crazy idea I had on how to advertise on a facebook group which doesn't allow advertising. -The continuation of 'how to make a comic book' STEP 2 BUSINESS PLAN. WEEKLY UPDATE: Here's the update on the page I was working on: As you can see it's almost finished now, hit a small writers block with one of the panels but I've decided im going to move past that and come back to it later on which is something I'll do if something becomes to problematic. HOW TO ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK GROUPS THAT DON'T ALLOW IT: A friend of mine suggested I could talk about something in particuliar for this week...
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So I'm making another blog post, almost less than a day after the first one I posted but I thought I'd strike while the iron is hot since I'm new here. Thought I'd talk about a few things here today: my work in progress and STEP 1 of making a comic book "conception".   WORK IN PROGRESS: So as you may know, I'm working on a Comic book, specifically the second issue to the one I just published on etsy.com. Currently I'm working on page 3.  keep in mind the first panel is no where near what I'd call complete, but this gives the opportunity to talk about how I do things. Since I'm using Inkscape which is a free version of Illustrator , when I'll draw something, anything really, I'll then save it into a archive library. This library contains ever pose of all characters, backgrounds, animals, plants, furniture,...
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Awesome job, again! Keep me updated. Thanks, IzzyLFC
Saturday, 03 March 2018 13:44
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