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The kids are loose on Geek Genie as resident teen blogger IzzyLFC gives his verdict on the latest COD! No, we're not talking fish!   After a disappointing run of releases in the series, Call of Duty has returned to claim the crown for shoot em' ups with the release of COD:WWII . Sledgehammer Games, Raven and Activison have taken COD back to its roots with three game modes adding to tons of fun! Here is my take on COD:WWII . Campaign The campaign mode has been truly terrible in every COD after Black Ops 2 ; however, COD:WWII finally delivers a bearable and even enjoyable campaign mode with good characters, missions and plotlines. Each mission is different and offers a balanced level of challenge and fun. The first-person shooter delivers an accurate storyline in the historic battles of WWII. Definitely the best campaign in years! Multiplayer Finally! Feet on...
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June Culver
Call of Duty is a great game series with many of the games being based on World War 2. It is truly an outstanding multiplayer feat... Read More
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 05:55
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