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The Indie Index - Interview with Stephen Kok

Introduce yourself. My name is Stephen Kok and I'm a Sydney based graphic novel creator!   You've just had your fourth graphic novel, Word Smith, successfully funded on Kickstarter. You make it look easy! What's your secret? Lots of coffee and late nights! There's a lot of planning and work that goes into Kickstarter and I'm always thankful of everyone who supports my creative endeavours.   Your first graphic novel Tabby is about a family of cats with nearly no dialogue. Can you discuss the challenges you faced writing this and finding the right artist to bring it to life. After I finished the script for Tabby (and lots of lots of editing), I was ready to find an artist to collobrate. The artist who did the initial design (Canadian Eric Gravel) was unfortunately not available at the time. I posted on Freelanced.com and it was over a 2 month selection...
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The Indie Index - Review - Hail #6-7

The Indie Index - Review - Hail #6-7
Hail issue 6 & 7 has successfully been funded on Kickstarter. And they have delivered. If you’re not familiar with Hail, do yourself a favour and go buy the previous issues. Hail follows Lena, an aspiring lawyer who turns to glass when anxiety strikes. She learns to work through her anxieties and turn it into a strength to help those in need.  With so many superhero comics being released, it’s easier for readers to get superhero fatigue. That’s why Hail is so refreshing. It’s a story that has an honest insight into someone dealing with anxieties and depression. Lena is high functioning; she is successful at her work as an aspiring lawyer and is learning to control her powers. However, she is still overwhelmed by the daily aspects of life and battles her depression internally while battling the villains in the streets and on the rooftops. Issues 6 and 7...
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